St Anne’s newsletter: June 7, 2019

Jun 7, 2019 | St Anne's News

This morning we were treated to a wonderful Fellowship by our Year 1 McCubbin students. They focused on teaching us all about the brain and how we can become better thinkers and learners. What a great message!

Some of the key information they shared included: 

  • When it comes to learning, your brain is the most important part of your body. It is where all of your thinking, remembering and learning takes place.
  • Our brains are constantly changing and creating new neural pathways. Everyone is capable of learning and becoming more intelligent. There is a lot you can do to make sure your brain is healthy. The more you use your brain, the better it will work! Challenge yourself in your learning. Set goals for yourself and make sure you have an imaginative mind.
  • The important message is: Don’t give up! If every time you come across something hard and you just give up, then you’ll be building a pathway between the neurons.
  • Instead, say to yourself I can’t do it Yet!
  • Next time when you are finding something difficult, make sure you remind yourself that, actually, you have a pretty amazing brain. It keeps you alive, helps you learn new things all the time, and it’s the reason you have so many different skills and memories.

Chaplain Jackie was also on hand at our Fellowship to give her blessing and to share her insights. We are lucky to have Chaplain Jackie St Anne’s every second Friday to work with our students and provide spiritual guidance.


We have had some recent reports that some of our students are not being respectful or being safe travelling to and from school by bus so I would like to ask families with students who travel to school by bus to have a discussion about bus safety. It is imperative that students; wear seatbelts, stay seated at all times and treat each other with respect. Thank you for your understanding. 


This year I have started a tradition of having morning tea with a small group of students each week. Each week the morning tea is with four students from a chosen Year level and students are nominated by their teacher, based on students who have struggled and persevered with their learning; who have challenged themselves or who have demonstrated our CLERR values. This week I met with four of our Foundation students and over a morning tea of chocolate brownies, we discussed their learning, what they are struggling with and their successes. Indi, Angus, Harper and Billy all suggested that better seating is needed for their Foundation peers whilst eating their lunch outside. I promised to make this happen and I look forward to continuing this tradition throughout the year.


On Wednesday, the majority our Year 5 & 6 students competed in the Wellington District Winter Sports competition. A big thank you to our teachers and parents who coached in the lead-up, and throughout the day. Below are recounts of the day written by our students.

Soccer (Written by Teddy and Blake)

“It was an awesome day, and we played lots of fantastic teams, displaying great teamwork. The first two games we played we won 2-0. On our third game, we tied with 545 because neither team scored over the whole match. The next game we played the hardest team, and we did really well up to the second half. They got a goal that ended up being the only one scored over the whole game, which meant they had beaten us. Sadly, that meant that we didn’t make the semi-finals, but we did get to play a consolation match against Sale Rurals. We weren’t assigned positions, and we only had to have two subs. It was loads of fun… but not our most successful match as no one wanted to play defence. Unfortunately, we lost 6-0. Overall it was a great day of sport, and everyone had heaps of fun while learning new skills. A big thank you to Miss Mac for her excellent coaching and all of the parents who came to support us!”

Netball (Written by Scarlett and Charlotte)

“On Wednesday three netball teams of girls and boys went down to the GRSC for winter sports. Gippsland Grammar had a mixed and two girl’s teams. Throughout the day the mixed team played three matches and one final, the Girls teams played five matches. Overall the Girls B team sadly did not make it to the finals. The Girls A team got to the semi-finals but lost to St Mary’s. There were only four mixed teams in total, so the Grammar mixed team went straight to the finals where they won 27-0 over Araluen. This means they are going to the Division Competition, sometime in the next fortnight. All in all, it was a very fun day and we were all proud of how we did. We would also like to thank our coaches and all the parents who came to support us on the day.”

Football (Written by Ruby and Hunter)

“We arrived at Maffra for a 9.40am start against St. Thomas. The first game went well and we kicked the first goal. We ended up winning 20 points to 9 points. For our second game, we played 545 and won 4 goals to 0 then we had a quick bye. The next game we played Maffra and won 54 points to 0 points, then we played Longford. After a hard game, we won by just two goals. Next, we played Guthridge, but it was a really hard game, and we ended up winning by three goals. The last game of the round robin had us playing St Marys and we lost 4 points to 4 goals and 3 points. We made it into semi-finals and got paired up against St. Thomas. After winning the first game against them, we thought we were in with a chance,  but we still knew it was going to be a hard game. We lost three goals to 2 points, and sadly we got eliminated. St. Thomas ended up winning the grand final. We had a great day and were very happy with our performance. We would like to say a very big thank you to Marcus Grubb for his amazing coaching and to all the parents who came to support us on the day.”


Due to some last-minute changes we are in desperate need of two extra host families for the Year 11 Hikarigaoka students, who are due to arrive in Sale on Monday July 22 and leave on August 19 (the students are away on camp from July 30-August 2).

Though the students will be based at our Garnsey campus, they generally love children and if they were hosted by a St Anne’s family they would love teaching the Junior students games and sharing Japanese language and culture.
So can all families please consider if you’re able to host one of the girls. It would be ideal if you could host a student for the full four weeks they are here, but if not and if we can get a few families to host for a two week block, or even a single week, we’ll do our best to make that situation work.

If you do choose to take up this opportunity, all host families will need to complete child safety modules online, which will take about one hour. (This is a legal requirement due to the girls’ visas.)

If any families would like more information on this, please contact our Garnsey Japanese teacher Bree Henderson at or by calling Garnsey on 5143 6388.

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