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May 31, 2019 | St Anne's News


This week we celebrated Reconciliation Week in a number of ways. Students from all year levels learnt about how reconciliation promotes respect, trust and positive relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians by creating plays, making posters, reading books and watching documentaries. Our week culminated in a Reconciliation assembly on Thursday afternoon where a selection of students from each year level presented to their peers what they had learnt this week. 

It has also been encouraging to see how this week has been acknowledged and celebrated among the broader community. I particularly felt the AFL did a fantastic job highlighting our indigenous cultures through last week’s Sir Doug Nicholls round. If you wish to discuss and investigate reconciliation further as a family, the following website has a vast range of resources:


Our community spirit was alive and well last Friday night at our Parent and Friends Trivia Night with more than 130 teachers, parents and even members from outside our school community taking part. The night was a great chance for us all to come together as one community and the definite highlight was the teacher band which performed along with Quiz Master Evan Lamb’s challenging trivia questions. I’d like to pass on a huge thank you to the local businesses and families which sponsored the night by donating a range of auction items.

I’d also like to thank the following members of our P&F for piecing the evening together; Ann Young, Jocelyn Aurisch, Kelly Braden, Bree Burton, Alex Carrel, Ali Elliman, Emily Larsen, Tegan McKay, Gabby Running, Queylyn Turnbull and Leree Van Berkel. We raised just under $10,000 with all funds going directly into our new Year 3 to Year 6 adventure playground. This new space will utilise natural materials and landscaping to create an engaging and adventurous environment for students to play in. We will begin construction once the old 3&4 buildings are removed in the September holidays. 


Students Daniel and Jacqui Neilan have been particularly inspired by our effort to reduce waste at St Anne’s and they have continued to fight a war on the waste within their local area. As many of you would remember from a previous newsletter, the Neilans were shocked to discover how much rubbish is being dumped near their house which is why they have decided to clean up the Rail Trail between Maffra and Stratford. If you are free tomorrow morning (Saturday June 1) from 10.30am-3.30pm, please join them to pick up waste. Even if you can only spare 15 minutes, it will be appreciated. For more more information, please visit their Facebook events page via this link:


Our amazing groundskeeper Mr Mark and myself have been collaborating with a small group of Years 3 and 4 students to design our new sustainability garden. The designated space in between Kukun Kalak and the Year 5&6 building will have a dry creek bed, garden beds, chicken coop, pond, gathering space, our compost bins and some art installations. The students have driven this initiative from the beginning and they decided they wanted to create a space that was adventurous, sustainable, colourful and fun. Soon we are planning for the Years 3 and 4 construction team to literally get their hands dirty as we work together to turn this vision into reality. If you get the opportunity, keep an eye on this area as it is transforming daily.


When we arrived at the Young Leaders Conference this week we were warmly welcomed by our hosts Ben and Charlotte and the staff and students from Ivanhoe Grammar. The first thing Ben asked was a very interesting question: ‘What is trust?’ We think trust is being able to rely on each other and communicate openly with each other. We then went outside and played trust games. We then went outside and played trust games.  One of them was a ‘The Blind Test’, which was a challenge, considering we’d only just met the other students in our groups. Every second person had their eyes shut and we had to pass a ball without moving our feet and with one hand. We had to trust that each person would grab the ball. Ivanhoe Grammar was such a big school, they had students from Foundation to Year 12 on the one campus.  We met lots of new friends from other schools in Melbourne.  Another interesting question was, ‘What is followship?’  We decided that followship is not following a leader but being able to work together as a team. We had the best day and we’re looking forward to running a Leadership afternoon with the Year 5 students.


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