St Anne’s Campus newsletter: Nov 8, 2019

Nov 8, 2019 | St Anne's News

Over the past few weeks I have enjoyed experiencing our School camps with our students. For many students, the camps allow them to experience something for the first time, which could be their first night away from family, trying a new food or attempting an adventurous activity. A huge benefit of our camps is that they provide opportunities for students to develop new friendships while also strengthening their existing friendships. During this morning’s Fellowship, each year level showcased their excursion, incursions and camp experiences, which they did by using PowerPoint presentations, poetry and funky dances demonstrating all the amazing learning that has occurred throughout the year.

School camps allow students to challenge themselves and to broaden their horizons.

Developing our students’ handwriting is not only a part of the Australian Curriculum but also an essential life skill. This morning during Fellowship we acknowledged and celebrated the efforts of our students who have demonstrated excellence with their handwriting.

1st Mila Harper (Wellington Binks)
2nd Lexie Elliman (Wellington Binks)
3rd Ed Talbot (Tisdall Hotham)

Year 1
1st Henry Grattan (Blundell Bogong)
2nd Charlotte Greenwell (Wellington Binks)
3rd Sam Pope (Cranswick Dargo)

Year 2
1st Chloe Kitchin (Wellington Binks)
2nd Sam Crowe (Cranswick Dargo)
3rd Sylvie Coleman (Tisdall Hotham)

Year 3
1st Cooper Beckman (Tisdall Hotham)
2nd Pippy Johnson (Blundell Bogong)
3rd Lucy Dray (Wellington Binks)

Year 4
1st Olivia Clyne B.B
2nd Harry Stephenson (Cranswick Dargo)
3rd Daniel Neilan (Tisdall Hotham)

Year 5
1st Lily Dowling (Wellington Binks)
2nd Zara New (Cranswick Dargo)
3rd Jessica Carroll (Blundell Bogong)

Year 6
1st Indiana Hicks (Cranswick Dargo)
2nd Scarlet Travasci (Tisdall Hotham)
3rd Mahdi Uddin (Cranswick Dargo)

Overall House Winners
1st: Wellington Binks
2nd: Cranswick Dargo
3rd: Blundell Bogong
4th: Tisdall Hotham

On Thursday, the Wellington Shire in partnership with experienced educators from CERES, hosted a student sustainability leadership day which saw four of our most active environmentalists spend the day collaborating with other students from around Gippsland. Our students – Hamish Arnup, Elsa Wynne and Daniel and Jacqui Neilan – engaged with sustainability concepts through hands-on activities. I was able to spend some time with our students during the program and I was impressed with their passion and willingness to make a difference.

This morning, Louis Lazzaro was presented with his School Sports Victoria award for outstanding sporting and academic achievement in 2019. A school is allowed to nominate a student for such an award, then the SSV review each nomination and award students according to their criteria. Gippsland Grammar nominated Louis because he consistently demonstrates our CLERR values, and is achieving exceptional academic results. Louis has also excelled in snowboarding, athletics and cross country. Congratulations Louis!

At St Anne’s Campus we see all our Year 6 students as both leaders and school ambassadors so it’s an exciting time on Campus as this week we have begun the process of selecting our Campus Captains for 2020. After Fellowship this morning I officially spoke to all Year 5 students, many of whom have already indicated they wish to apply for a leadership role next year. Our two Campus Captains need to display our CLERR values of compassion, leadership, excellence, responsibility and respect and will be role models for all other students in the school. They will have many speaking opportunities and be expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. They will be asked to attend various events during the year such as Anzac Day, Commemoration Day and many others. Our current Campus Captains Regan Leeson and Indiana Hicks have run a leadership session with our Year 5 students, which included explaining what it is like being a Campus Captain and helping them identify and further develop their leadership skills. I look forward to meeting with our prospective Campus leaders and announcing our 2020 Campus Captains at Fellowship on November 15.

Indi Hicks and Regan Leeson have done an excellent job of demonstrating
our CLERR values as Campus Captains this year.

Finally, a friendly reminder that Monday November 18 and Friday November 22 are student-free days. Our teachers will be spending Monday writing student reports and Friday is a professional learning day.

Enjoy your weekend,
Jie Van Berkel
Head of St Anne’s Campus

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