St Anne’s Campus newsletter: Nov 1, 2019

Nov 1, 2019 | St Anne's News

This morning’s Fellowship was presented by Barton. The students’ focus was on ‘R U Okay?’ and what makes a great friend. They shared insightful strategies on what we can do if we notice someone who is upset or sad. The key steps are;

  1. Ask if they are okay
  2. Listen carefully
  3. Help them action something. This could mean talking to a trusted adult or doing something that makes them feel better
  4. Check-in on them after a few days. You can ask how are they feeling or is there something that you can do to help.

I’d like to say thank you to Ms Alison Fraser and the students in Barton for today’s Fellowship. You have provided us with a framework in which to check in on our friends when they are not feeling great. For more information, please refer to this link to the R U OK? website:

It’s been a big week at Gippsland Grammar with regards to our new School uniform. Not only has Dobsons been busy stocktaking and renovating our Uniform Shop ready for its re-opening next week but we have also shared the first sneak peek of our new uniform on our Facebook page and now in this newsletter.
These exciting changes and uniform choices will launch across all three of our campuses from 2020 and have been made following an extensive consultation and design process, which included a survey of parents, students and staff as well as parent focus group meetings at all campuses. The new uniform items have been designed to support both learning and play and are contemporary, comfortable and non-gender specific while still retaining our School traditions. Importantly, the same uniform will be worn from Foundation to Year 12 and key items such as the School blazer have not changed.

New College Uniform

The most significant update is a new summer shirt for both boys and girls and the introduction of the option of summer shorts and winter pants for female students. Grey socks will be worn with both shorts and pants for all students. Of significance is that the new summer shirts will mean a tie is no longer required with the summer uniform across the whole School from Foundation to Year 12. The summer shirts, with the School crest embroidered on the pockets, have also been designed to be worn untucked. Ties will still be worn as part of the winter uniform with the current white long or short sleeved shirt.

The summer dress remains a uniform option and will retain its current fabric print but will feature a more modern design with a pleat in the upper back and in the skirt as well as a buttoned tab that can be altered in the back. It is a much more stylish design and should be more comfortable to wear. There has been no change to the tartan skirt which remains a winter uniform option.

Students are welcome to wear the new uniform items from Term 1, 2020 and there will be a one-year rollover period before the new summer shirts are compulsory from the commencement of 2021. A longer three-year rollover period for the new dress style will be permitted. This means current students from Year 11 will not be required to wear the new uniform if they do not wish to.

To help our families understand these changes we are currently working on a new uniform brochure, which outlines how the uniform is to be worn from 2020; this will include some new guidelines and clarity regarding hair styles for boys.

Unfortunately these new uniform items are not yet in stock but we will notify parents via this newsletter and VOS as soon as they are available, hopefully later this term. All items will then be available in our Uniform Shop as well as via Dobsons online store.
The School uniform identifies members of our School.  It assists in creating an atmosphere of unity, pride and equity.  It creates a sense of identity for students at Gippsland Grammar, promoting mutual respect and a sense of belonging. We are pleased that our updated uniform items retain the School’s traditional colours and design in a more contemporary style and we hope our Community will be as pleased with these changes as we are.


On Monday we welcomed new student Max Ferguson (Foundation Bass) and his family to our school community. Max and his family are already known by some of our students and families, and I know that they will quickly become a part of our inclusive school community.


Last night, many of our Foundation and ELC parents came to our informal but informative Information Night for 2020. From my perspective, there was a great social ‘feel’ to the night, with parents enjoying one another’s company. The focus of the evening was for our new parents to meet our Foundation and ELC teachers, learn more about what Gippsland Grammar offers and to find out their child’s teacher and class for 2020. Thank you to our Foundation teachers, Mrs Rebekah Tayler, Miss Bree Alexander and Mrs Tracey Grubb, and to our Specialist teachers for 2020. Also to Mrs Lisa Burgess and her ELC team, Ann Young and all those involved in organising this evening.


Our Year 4 students and teachers returned from their adventurous camp this afternoon happy, but somewhat tired. Our Year 4 camp challenges our students’ resilience and teamwork as they take part in the famous ‘mud run,’ giant swings, obstacle courses over water and much more.

Often, teachers on camp are awake and on-call from 6 am and continue all day until 11 pm. After recently being on all of our Year 3 to Year 6 camp, I am so proud of the pastoral care our teachers demonstrate towards our students. Teachers are dealing with students being homesick, illness, tired, social issues and much more. I would like to personally thank the teachers who organise and run our Camps Program.

Students at Camp Rumbug

We have already started our strategic planning for 2020. Miss Sarah Wheeler will be taking 12 months leave and will be re-joining us in 2021. Therefore, we will be appointing an expert teacher within the coming weeks for a 12-month contract. I will be confirming Classroom and Specialist Teachers for 2020 in upcoming newsletters.

Our P&F group have organised a fantastic event to celebrate our school year. On Thursday November 21 we will have a family picnic and movie night from 5.30pm. Families are asked to BYO their picnic dinner, blankets, chair or beanbag and reusable container for popcorn. The movies will be beginning at 7pm, with two movies on offer. The following day is a student-free day, so students can have a sleep in after a late night!

Sherpa Kids will have its last day for the year on Friday December 13 and will not be opening for Vacation Care during the week of December 16–20 due to some demolition work being conducted at the School during that time. Sherpa Kids is aiming to re-open for a vacation care program from January 20 until school starts. If you require some care for this period, please contact Sherpa Kids, so they can start planning. If they do not receive the required amount of bookings to be viable, the service will remain closed. Sherpa Kids contact details are

Enjoy your weekend,
Jie Van Berkel
Head of St Anne’s Campus

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