St Anne’s Campus newsletter: May 22, 2020

May 22, 2020 | St Anne's News

This week’s newsletter is dedicated to our return to School plans. We have had another fantastic week of Learn@Home. Our Fellowship focussed on gratitude, with some wonderful messages from our students and in the coming weeks we will continue to focus on gratitude, resilience and connection. This morning we had 194 families joining us for Fellowship and it was fantastic to see so many students in their School uniform as part of their transition back to School. Please click here to watch our pre-recorded Fellowship.

Over the past few weeks, like many in our School Community, I have connected with and learnt from our ‘Keeping Connected’ podcasts. Lou and Tegan have been interviewing parents within our Community who are also experts. This week, Tegan and Lou interviewed myself, which I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of. Please click here to listen to this week’s ‘Keeping Connection’ podcasts.

We are looking forward to resuming face-to-face teaching, with the Foundation to Year 2 students returning to Campus on Tuesday, May 26 and the Years 3-6 returning on Tuesday, June 9. We will not continue Learn@Home for our Foundation to Year 2 students from Tuesday, May 26.

Our Foundation to Year 2 students are asked to wear their PE uniform with their House Colour polo top for the first week back at School. This will assist teachers, parents and students as we learn our drop off and pick up procedures.


  • For drop off and pick up, students are to enter and exit via their ‘House’ gate. Students will be able to access the school from 8.30am.
  • ELC families to use McMillan Street carpark entrance to sign their children in. This area has been fenced off for safety reasons.

 Gate entrances assigned school Houses are:

  • Cranswick Dargo: 5/6 driveway gate on Raymond St.
  • Wellington Binks: Kukun Kalak entrance on McMillan St.
  • Tisdall Hotham: York St entrance opposite the old Police Station.
  • Blundell Bogong: Bottom oval gate near the school car park on McMillan St.
  • Bus students: The front gate on Raymond St.
  • L@H@S: The double gate in between Kukun Kalak and the Yr 5&6 building on McMillan St.
  • Please note there will be no parking in the McMillan Street car park for parents to ensure that this is a safe collection point.
  • Parents are also asked not to park on the nature strip as it is illegal and obscures vision.
  • Parents are asked to not park on the opposite side of the road on McMillan Street to drop their children off. This can create a bottleneck of cars. It would be best if cars travelled in an anti-clockwise direction around the campus when finding a park. Parents may choose to park near the Port of Sale and walk up to St Anne’s.
  • Parents are to pick up their ELC child, then pick up other children from the designated House gate.
  • Teaching Staff will be on duty to guide students to their class where necessary. Sanitiser should be used on arrival at School.
  • Parents will not be permitted on Campus. Please call our front office on 5143 7155 if you need to contact the Campus or drop something off.
  • For late student arrivals, please call from the Raymond St car park so office staff can collect your child from the front gate and sign them in. For early collection, please call when at School and wait at the front gates in Raymond St for students to be brought out.

    To keep our School Community safe, you will notice some changes to the normal school day:

    • To help protect our School Community, if your child is unwell, we ask that you do not send them to School. If they become unwell throughout the day, we will be in touch, and you will be asked to collect them immediately. If you live outside Sale, please have another alternative to pick up your child if they are unwell.
    • Windows in classrooms will be kept open to encourage the flow of fresh air. Doors may be left open to avoid frequent contact. Heaters will be on however you may wish to consider dressing your child in an extra layer under their uniform (singlets, thermals etc.). You may also wish to provide a beanie and scarf for them to wear.
    • While social distancing is not mandatory for children in schools, it will be strongly encouraged, and staff and students will be expected to adhere to regulations wherever possible. Classrooms have been re-arranged to create space between tables.
    • Students will be allocated a seat in their classroom, which will be theirs for the remainder of the term. They will be encouraged and assisted in wiping their tables and chairs to give them some control of their personal space.
    • Communication Books will not be used for the remainder of the term. Please email teachers directly with any messages or concerns and continue to refer to VOS for updates.
    • There will be zoned play areas, with Foundation to Year 2 allocated the York Street side of the school, including Bass oval and the grassed area near the Lorna Sparrow Hall. The Year 3-6 students will be allocated the bottom oval, the basketball courts and the Years 3-6 playground.
    • At the end of the day, students will wait in family groups at their designated gate. Parents are to either stay in their car or 1.5m apart from other adults on the footpath on York, Raymond or McMillan Sts. Please be patient and allow extra time in the afternoons.
    • There will be After-School Care, which will follow our protocols.
    • Buses will operate as usual. Students are encouraged to carry their own sanitiser and consider wearing gloves on the bus.
    • The Tuckshop will not be operating for the remainder of Term 2.
    • Birthday cakes and other celebration foods will not be allowed. Sharing of food among students is not allowed.
    • Year 5 and 6 students will be able to use their lockers. However, social distancing will be encouraged in this area.
    • Please remember to send cutlery with your child if they need it to eat their lunch. No cutlery will be available.

    Remember to bring:

    • A drink bottle, as the bubblers will be out of use. Taps are available for bottles to be re-filled.
    • A pencil case as we will not be sharing classroom supplies. It does not need to be fancy or bought. Be creative and make one if you need. Classroom teachers will be using our classroom supplies to stock each pencil case. Students may bring some pencils from home if they wish.
    • Laptop, charging cord and carry bag (Years 3-6)
    • iPads and laptops that were borrowed
    • Personal supply of hand wipes and sanitiser (in addition to school supply, if desired)

    Please contact the school immediately if you, or a member of your household:

    • Have been directed to be tested for COVID-19
    • Have been directed to self-isolate
    • Have been diagnosed positive to COVID-19

    Contact should be made to the St Anne’s campus on 5143 7155 or outside of school hours to   

    If a case of COVID-19 is confirmed in our School Community, we will closely follow the advice of the Department of Health and Human Services and will communicate this information with families as soon as possible.

    Please note that next week is a three day week for all students, both those learning @School and @Home. Monday May 25 has been allocated to teachers as a day to re-organise their classrooms in readiness for the COVID hygiene and distancing requirements and to re-adjust their teaching programs. Friday May 29 is a pre-scheduled report writing day.

    We hope that you will discuss the changes outlined above with your children so that the transition to school will be a smooth one. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to listen to government advice, monitor our situation and develop plans for Term 3.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jie Van Berkel
    Head of St Anne’s Campus

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