St Anne’s Campus newsletter: May 15, 2020

May 15, 2020 | St Anne's News

This week, Gippsland Grammar announced our ELC, Foundation to Year 2 students will return to School on Tuesday May 26 and our Year 3 to Year 6 students will return on Tuesday June 9. This return is in line with what is happening across all Victorian Schools and the key reason for this being staggered is for the health and safety of our students, teachers and staff. Our Return to Scool team has been busy planning how we will safely return to school and I am incredibly excited about the return of our students to Gippsland Grammar, as I am sure our School community is too.

At this morning’s Fellowship I spoke about kindness and being kind to yourself and others. This is always essential, particularly during an extended period of isolation and going through significant change, as we currenty are. Being kind is going to look different for individual families: it could be lowering your expectations on yourself and your child regarding Learn@Home; it could be taking the opportunity to have an afternoon off or going walking or riding as a family. Our pre-recorded Fellowship also included another interview from some of our Year 6 leaders with Mrs Katie Germaine. St Anne’s Singers performed Bless Our School, and Chaplain Jackie gave her thoughts and blessing for the week.

At Fellowship next (Friday May 22) we would like to include some messages from our Learn@Home families.  If you are interested in being a part of our celebration, please send a 30-second message about Learn@Home, including a reflection about what you have been doing during Learn@Home. Videos can be sent to  Videos should be received no later than next Tuesday 19 May for inclusion.


This week in Keeping Connected, Mrs Lou Sullivan and Mrs Tegan McKay spoke with parent and Occupational Therapist, Lux Shesan.

This week Lou and Tegan spoke with parent and Occupational Therapist, Lux Shesan about the normality of regression in stressful and uncertain times. The trio discussed how children tend to regress emotionally during times of stress and trauma and the challenging behaviour that parents may see. To help families navigate this uncertain time, Lux offers advice around strategies, such as keeping routines and schedules to promote feelings of security and familiarity. The podcast finishes with offering reassuring words for parents about their child transitioning back into the classroom, and touches on the unexpected positives of Learn@Home. This includes such things as the resilience of our students and the deeper connections with our parents. Families can listed to the Keeping Connected podcasts via VOS.

The ‘Virtual Cross Country’ at St Anne’s has had a brilliant start! So far, we have had about 20 participants respond and from the looks of things our younger year levels are very keen to join in, which is great to see. The ‘Virtual Cross Country’ involves students completing their cross-country run/walk from home. Students can do their run on their own course either at home or on a track to which they have access, as long as they follow social distancing rules. Students will time themselves with either a watch or phone, so they can submit their results to the School along with a photo of the run/walk. All competitors who submit a photo and time will gain House points. I would like to encourage all of our students, and parents, to join in our ‘Virtual Cross Country’. Please refer to the email sent to families on Friday May 8 for more information.

A reminder to all parents and carers to an informal Zoom morning tea with myself every Friday from 10am. The aim of the morning tea is to provide an opportunity for our parents to connect with one another, share some strategies for thriving in isolation and to just have a chat. Last week it was comforting for parents to hear that families are making Learn@Home work for them. I will be making the Zoom link available via the News link on VOS each Friday morning.

Have a great weekend,

Jie Van Berkel
Head of St Anne’s Campus

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