St Anne’s Campus newsletter: May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020 | St Anne's News

Learn@Home is giving everyone an amazing opportunity to learn through a different medium – this includes our students, parents and teachers. Sometimes learning is tough and challenging; other times, it is exciting and joyful. I have many parents comment on seeing their child learning through Zoom and VOS has given them a new perspective. Thank you again, to our teachers and parents for the critical partnership that is being further developed through this pandemic.

I have created a Parent Learn@Home information page on VOS which will house important Learn@Home videos, podcasts and links. This page already includes our Learn@Home Parent information video and our ANZAC Day Service. Once you access the page in VOS, I suggest that parents right click on the ellipsis at top right hand corner of this page and click on the ‘add to my links.’ This will allow you to quickly access this page via the links section on your personal VOS page.

Our teachers have commented on how the majority of students are following our Learn@Home student protocols. However, we have some students who are either not ready for learning or are behaving inappropriately. I have included some of our key student protocols and I ask parents to discuss these with their child. Students are expected to engage with Learn@Home with integrity and academic honesty, doing your best learning.

  • Students are to communicate proactively with your teachers if you require support with your learning
  • During Zoom sessions, students are asked to set their microphones to silent, have the video function on, and use their correct name on the naming function of Zoom.
  • Any questions or answers that students type via VOS or Zoom should be relevant and respectful.
  • Students are not expected to wear school uniform when accessing Zoom at home but are asked to dress respectfully given the Zoom session is a part of a timetabled school day.
  • Students are expected to be sitting up, in an area that is conducive to learning. Students should not be lying down on beds or couches.

Can I also ask parents are not to be visible, as much as possible, when their child is on Zoom. I know this could be challenging, particularly for our Foundation to Year 2 students. This is important when we are using the breakout room feature of Zoom.

As the saying goes, ‘We are all in this together.’ It has been amazing to see how we are all supporting one another. This morning we had approximately 300 students Zoom into a live Fellowship. Having the opportunity to see each other and experience our Fellowship together was an amazing experience. We are aiming to have a mixture of live and pre-recorded Fellowships in the coming weeks.

This week’s pre-recorded Fellowship included a unique insight into Learn@Home@School with the approximate 40 students who are learning onsite. Our students had a special message of thank you to those students, parents and teachers who are either working and learning from home or school to keep our students healthy and safe. Also included was a condensed version of a small group of our Year 6 students interviewing people in our school community. I was lucky enough to be their first, and I must say, they did ask some thought-provoking questions. Each week they are looking to interview people within our school community and putting a positive spin on things. 

Last week I introduced the initiative of Mrs Lou Sullivan (Year 1 Bradman Teacher) and Mrs Tegan McKay (Parent and Founder/Managing Director of The Mindful Hub) interviewing parents and experts within our School community to provide sound advice to parents during this challenging time. We are trying to find the best format, whether that is a podcast or as a vlog. Last week focused on mindfulness for children. This week Lou and Tegan are interviewing Tai Belfour. Tai is a parent and speech pathologist. Their 10-minute discussion centres around practical Ideas on different ways that parents can continue to develop their child’s language skills during COVID-19.  You can access this interview on VOS.

Our two experts (top) interviewing speech pathologist Mrs Tai Belfour (bottom).

Please continue reading this newsletter to see two pieces of writing from St Anne’s students Kate and Zoe. Kate, in Year 6 Goolagong, has written a thought-provoking poem about ANZAC Day. Zoe, in Year 4 Kingsford-Smith, has written a reflective letter about living through COVID-19. Have a great weekend everyone, and I am looking forward to another great week of Learn@Home next week.

Kind regards,

Jie Van Berkel
Head of St Anne’s Campus



On April 25, 2020,

Dark figures in their driveways.

At 6am, in the fog,

Softly, the trees sway.


Dim streetlights flicker,

And the endless white fog swirls.

Candles are cupped between cold fingers

Watch as the gentle flame curls.


The icy bite of the April morning

Sends shivers and cold chills.

The thick air is still and silent

A mist coming from the hills.


Music rings out through the endless fog

A lone bugle plays The Last Post.

And from somewhere nearby, bagpipes sound

The noise is eerie, like a ghost.


Today we commemorate the soldiers who fought

And defended our country in World War 1.

The young soldiers in Gallipoli

Who battled in rain and sun.


As the music calls in the distance

And the candles flicker, yet

As dawn breaks, the sun rises.

Lest we forget.



Dear Future Reader,

My name is Zoe and I’m 9 years old and in Grade 4. My day to day living is different at the moment and I want to tell you why.

We are currently experiencing something we have never experienced before in Australia, we are in a lockdown. This is making it a challenging time here in Australia as people of my age have never been involved in a lockdown before.

Currently we are in the middle of a pandemic with the Covid19 (Coronavirus) it is a virus sweeping the world. Making people all around Australia and the world sick and in some of the worst cases dying in hospital due to the Coronavirus.

The times are challenging, difficult and strange. I mean, we should be at school today but the Government has cancelled all in school learning and instead we are learning from home. This is really hard for some of us as we are so used to seeing familiar faces, friends and teachers.

So many activities like PE, music and swimming lessons and after school activity lessons are cancelled. No playdates, no dinner parties, no catch up at all! It seems all boring and sad, so we need to keep doing as much as we can to not go crazy. I’m doing this by TikTok videos, face timing my friends, calling my family and sending text messages to stay in touch and see what everyone else is doing.

It can be quite difficult sometimes to do remote learning, but our school is fantastic and we have a program called Zoom. This is great fun as this allows us to see our fellow class friends and our teacher Miss Goode. However sometimes for me, it doesn’t load and this is frustrating. It’s so important to continue to try to learn on the devices we have at home so we don’t fall behind in our learning.

It seems like everything is changing at the moment. Our parents are working from home, we shop quicker or online and get it delivered. There are people with face masks and gloves on, shops are shut, and less people walking the streets.

I hope this all passes really quickly, and we can get back to living a normal life. My birthday is in July and I would love nothing more than to be able to have a sleepover with friends. Fingers crossed scientists can get a vaccine to stop the spears of the Covid19 virus, otherwise we will continue to be in lockdown!

Until then, fingers crossed everyone stays healthy.



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