St Anne’s Campus newsletter: June 12, 2020

Jun 12, 2020 | St Anne's News

Having all of our students back on campus has been uplifting for us all and all week the positive energy in the playground as our students are again thriving in each other’s company has been very obvious. As we all come together on campus again, our focus has been on student wellbeing and providing opportunities for them to reconnect with one another. As I walk into classrooms, there are discussions about identifying emotions, gratitude and resilience, to name a few.

The sign says it all!

This morning’s Fellowshi, by Chisholm featured a wonderful story about belonging. Chisholm students retold and performed the P.D. Eastman picture storybook, Are You My Mother? Thank you to Sophie Arnup for playing the recessional and to Chaplain Jackie for her thoughts on belonging at blessings. I was also able to present Andre, Nina and Lia Wassermann their St Anne’s badge and certificate. The Wassermann’s have recently relocated from South Africa and started at Gippsland Grammar during Learn@Home. School families can watch Chisholm’s Fellowship on VOS.

Following feedback from teachers, students and families, we have refined some of our key information regarding our return to school.

Uniform: full Winter uniform, unless students have P.E. or Sport.
Our School times are
– 8:30am gates open. Students to enter via House gates
– 8:50am students to be in their classroom, ready for learning
– Normal recess and lunchtime
– 3:10pm bus students exit
– 3:15pm students exit school via House gates

School devices that have been borrowed and taken home during Learn@Home (laptops and iPads) are to be returned to school ASAP. Please have your child bring their device, along with the charger, to our front office. We have a list of devices that have been borrowed, and it is important that these are returned, so they can be used to enhance learning over the next two weeks.

To help ease the congestion in McMillan Street each day, we have decided to direct Blundell Bogong students to use the main entrance in Raymond Street, to enter and exit school each day. From today – Friday, June 12 – all Blundell Bogong families are asked to use the newly designated gate in Raymond Street. (Please refer to the diagram on the VOS version of the newsletter for more details.)

Please do not park on the opposite side of McMillan Street. This causes traffic jams, and we are worried about our students’ safety when leaving school.

On the final episode of Keeping Connected, we talk to our School Counsellor Ceci Broughton. Ceci reminds us of the importance of continuing to communicate with our children as we all returned to school this week. We reflect on this term and on the resilience that we have seen from all our students this week. Ceci also reminds us that her counselling services are available to all of the Gippsland Grammar Community; students, parents and teachers. All podcasts can be accessed via VOS.

Lou and Tegan have committed their time, effort and professionalism throughout their Keeping Connected podcasts. I know many in our School Community have appreciated the tips and advice shared through this podcast. Thank you to Lou and Tegan for creating this fantastic resource.

We are very proud of the commitment that our students made to Learn@Home as well as the outstanding capacity that our teachers showed in transforming their teaching. We are also amazed and appreciative of the collaboration with our parents and carers during this time, supporting our students learning and growth.

Our Semester 1 student report reflects the changes and challenges we have faced as educators as a result of COVID-19. We have adjusted the report structure as well as its content in line with our online Learn@Home program. In writing reports, our teachers have taken into consideration their knowledge of the students from Term 1 face-to-face learning as well as the online learning components.

This semester report will include:
– a Personal Development comment
– a scaled score for all curriculum areas

Learn@Home has also provided the opportunity to explore continuous reporting with students receiving regular feedback in various forms. Families have been able to monitor their child’s progress with an awareness of where they are at and where to next and setting goals accordingly. This is the process of continuous reporting which Gippsland Grammar is progressively adopting in stages. The partnership between families and teachers in educating our students has been exemplified in online learning and continuous reporting will engage parents likewise. I look forward to sharing information about continuous reporting in the future.

Importantly, this means we will not be printing our student reports as we traditionally have. Families will be able to access their child’s report via VOS on the afternoon of Friday June 19. I suggest that families start a folder on their computer to save their child’s report into. Families will also be able to access past and current student reports via VOS. Please see below where and how you can access your child’s report.

Yours sincerely,

Jie Van Berkel
Head of St Anne’s Campus

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