St Anne’s Campus newsletter: July 24, 2020

Jul 24, 2020 | St Anne's News

Celebrating St Anne’s Day each year is an important tradition for not only our current students but for our amazing group of past St Anne’s students who are affectionately known as the ‘Green Grubs’. Our students and teachers understanding of the Gippsland Grammar culture is enhanced through our conversations with the Green Grubs however this year we have had to reimagine our St Anne’s Day celebrations due to COVID-19. Utilising Zoom, we were able to record our guest speaker, along with pre-recorded music, prayer and an introduction from our Principal, Mrs Leisa Harper.

Our guest speaker, Mrs Sally Friend, is an old scholar and a past teacher. Sally has a long history with Gippsland Grammar. Her own aunt, three children and now grandchildren have been educated at Gippsland Grammar. To add a personal touch, Sally’s granddaughter Foundation student Harriet Lafferty, interviewed her grandmother (pictured below) and Sally spoke about her strong connection with the School, her experiences as a student and what she learnt through her time at Gippsland Grammar.

Our Campus Captains, Jonah and Gracie, did a wonderful job introducing the Fellowship, and also outlining their thinking around the importance of celebrating St Anne’s Day. Though our pre-recorded Fellowships have been positive, we all are looking forward to when we can celebrate our Fellowships face to face.

School families can view today’s special St Anne’s Day Fellowship on VOS.


Below is essential information for the safety of our School Community. As the spread of COVID-19 moves to regional areas, it is crucial students do not come to school if they: 

Have been overseas in the past 14 days;

Have had any close contact with a person with a current confirmed case of COVID-19;

Have been unwell and are displaying any COVID-19 type symptoms such as (but not limited to) :

– Fever, sweats or chills;

– shortness of breath;

– cough;

– runny nose;

– sore throat; and/or

– loss of sense of smell

Families are asked to complete the Student Health Declaration form, which can be found on VOS before they return to school after an illness. It is important that we work together to keep our school community safe and healthy.

Have a great weekend,

Jie Van Berkel

Head of St Anne’s Campus

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