Reception students learn about fire safety

Sep 6, 2019 | St Anne's News

Local firefighters visited Gippsland Grammar Early Learning Centre in August to share important messages about fire safety.

Gippsland Grammar’s youngest students thought they were just having fun but in actual fact they were learning some very important survival messages. The little three-year-olds practiced how to ‘get down low and go, go, go’, how to feel for heat, and what they should do if they come across matches or a lighter. Students helped dress the visiting firefighters too. Not for fancy dress, but so they know what a firefighter looks like and if they are ever trapped in a house fire this prior knowledge will help eliminate some of the child’s fear.


Reception student Annie Van Berkel tries on a firefighting jacket for size

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Local CFA volunteers also gave students a closer look at the fire truck and how it and the water hoses worked.

Gippsland Grammar Principal David Baker explained the importance of such engagement with the community. “It is important for all children to develop a connection to the wider community. It helps them learn about themselves and construct their own identity. Our Early Learning Centre experiences are designed to ensure students feel safe and secure, and you never do know, this incursion might just ignite a passion for fire-fighting and helping others.”

Firefighter Allan Peverill shows Corbin Leatham how to use the hose

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