Merry Christmas from St Anne’s

Dec 13, 2019 | St Anne's News

Milestones play a pivotal part in our lives. Yesterday we congratulated our Year 6 students on completing Primary School. Finishing Year 6 is a special day; ity’s the end of an era and a milestone in their lives. When they are older, our Year 6 students will remember their Valedictory and I hope they will look back with great memories of their time at St Anne’s.

I took the opportunity to share with our Year 6 students my advice, which was to take every opportunity to travel. Mainly because it allows you to learn to appreciate where you are from and to learn about how important your family and friends are. Please remember this. I also encouraged them to follow their passion. Your passion can help you find a balance between study/work and play. Your passion can foster mindfulness and improve your wellbeing.

We also said goodbye to Miss Wheeler for 12 Months, and we look forward to hearing about her adventures. We also said goodbye to Makaylen Di Sisto, Blair and Ethan McDougall, Chloe Davidson and Emily Oakley.

St Anne’s House Competitions 2019
Our strong House Competitions have again been very successful this year. We included Public Speaking, Spelling, Handwriting and Singing to complement our traditional House Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country. It has been fantastic this year to see students come together within their Houses, often competing outside their comfort zones. Congratulations to our students for participating with enthusiasm and resilience in all of our House Competitions, and to Wellington Binks for being this year’s Rash Shield winner by just two points. Thank you to Mrs Hilary Rash, a past student and teacher of St Anne’s, who announced and presented the 2019 Rash Shield at our Year 6 Valedictory.

Our Library – Learning Hub

From 2020 our library will have a new twist. We will have both Library and Digital Technology specialist lessons happening within our current Library and computer lab spaces. The reason for this change is to;

  • create a more contemporary library space in line with many State and Independent Primary Schools;
  • keep the borrowing and love of books an integral part of our Library;
  • align with Australian Curriculum – Digital Technologies; and
  • tmprove our students’ digital literacy

To support this new initiative the following will happen;

  • one-hour Library specialist lesson for Foundation to Year 2 students per week with our Teacher-Librarian Mrs Eliz Noble
  • one-hour Digital Technology specialist lesson in the computer lab for Year 3 to Year 6 students per week. Mr Evan Lamb will be teaching our Digital Technology lessons
  • Mrs Eliz Noble will continue to be our teacher-librarian and lead the teaching and administration in the library. Eliz has done a fantastic job in developing our library over the years and will continue to do so
  • Year 3 to Year 6 will continue to utilise and borrow from the library each week

Supporting teachers and students to develop their use of technology to enhance learning is a focus across the school. This involves having technology experts working with teachers and students in classrooms. Our technology expert, Mr Evan Lamb, will be collaborating with teachers from Foundation to Year 6 for an hour every fortnight to make this happen.

Thank You
I’d like to share a huge thank you to all teachers and staff at St Anne’s for another amazing year. It has been full of excitement and challenges. I know all of our school Community understand and appreciate the extra effort that you all put in to make our school great.

To our parents and carers, thank you for being a significant part of the team and supporting your child. It is so important that parents, teachers and students create a positive team, with everyone moving in the same direction.

To our students, thank you for challenging yourself when learning is tough. For making us laugh and smile. For having and sharing ‘lightbulb’ moments when you learn something new. For achieving amazing things. For demonstrating our CLERR values. Finally, for being you!

School Reports
Parents will have received their child’s school report yesterday afternoon. Our school reports are a formal means to communicate how your child has grown socially, emotionally and academically. Please take your time to read your child’s report. Share and celebrate achievements and growth. Reflect on areas for improvement and put strategies in place to address them.

2020 School Year
The School Office will close for the Christmas break from today, Friday December 13 and reopen again on Monday January 20. This is because we are demolishing our old Year 3&4 buildings to build our new adventure playground. If you need to contact Gippsland Grammar, please call our Garnsey campus on 5143 6388. In 2020, our students’ first day of Term 1 is Thursday January 30.

Finally, I would like to wish all families a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Kind regards,
Jie Van Berkel
Head of St Anne’s Campus

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