Change and opportunity

Nov 22, 2019 | Principal's News

Dear members of the Gippsland Grammar Community,

As we finish one of our busiest weeks of the School year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our families for your patience and understanding with respect to a week of disruptions, planning and transition.

As a school it is unique that our senior students roll over into the new year before the new year actually begins. From Monday, with the exception of Year 7, all of our senior classes will begin the 2020 academic year which allows them to use the remaining three weeks of this year to effectively and efficiently prepare for a smooth start to the year in January. In order to achieve this, our staff need time to finalise 2019 before preparing for 2020 and our students also need time to decompress after a busy and successful year before they all begin next week full of excitement and energy.

This week also provides a much-needed opportunity to celebrate 2019 and allow each year level the opportunity to have some fun and enjoy each other’s company. Our Junior Schools have capitalised on this opportunity to come together for some quality professional learning and spent today together planning for the year ahead and the future.

Tonight we will farewell our Year 12 students at the Valedictory Dinner, which will be the final formal commitment for these students as they officially leave the school and we hope to use this night to honour them for their contribution to the School and also for being such wonderful young people, ready to make their mark on the world.

All of these events create a sense of change, a sense of things being new and making a fresh beginning. Change can at times create anxiety and stress as people often fear the unknown or worry about things beyond their control; however, change is a certainty in life and for our students, change occurs every year as they progress through the school and experience growth and development.

As a Principal, it is also time for my family and I to experience change and to move into the next season of our lives. While change is exciting and new, when we are experiencing change it’s natural to focus on what we are losing rather than what we are gaining. While I am currently excited about moving back to the Mornington Peninsula and the opportunities it will bring for us as a family, I am also very aware we will be leaving an amazing Community where we feel connected, valued and a strong sense of belonging.

So the challenge for us all is to learn how to manage change. Look for opportunities in life and be brave enough to take them on. Be prepared to be challenged and know that you have the skills and the mindset required to be successful. Rather than focussing on what you are losing, focus on what you will gain while appreciating where you have come from.

Tonight at our Valedictory Dinner, I have the honour of speaking first and the honour of speaking last. My final comments to the Year 12s and their families will be to thank the families for providing their children with the wings to fly and home to which they will always return. To the graduating students, my advice is to always look for a community in which to belong. A community where you feel valued, respected and a strong sense of belonging. If you can’t find that community then create one.

Finally, always remember, Veritas Liberabit Vos.


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