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Our calendars tell us that we are at the end of Term 3. For some of us reaching the end of term has felt like an epic journey with more twists and turns than we could have anticipated; for others, it has flown. Irrespective of how it feels for you … we made it!

Our arrangements for Term 4 are still up in the air as it will depend on the restrictions put in place by the Victorian Government. We are hopeful all students from all year levels will return to on-site learning but I will write to you regarding this on Friday October 1, when hopefully we know more details.

While I have previously thanked you for your support throughout this term, I truly hope you know how sincere those thanks are. We know that our families have had much to manage but your ongoing support through the constant changes is very much appreciated.

I want to acknowledge that many of our staff will continue to work through the next two weeks, while others may be involved in practice exams and marking, preparations for Term Four.  Thank you to my staff, for all you do for our students and for our School.

Irrespective of what our Community has faced this term, I continue to be proud of the generosity and caring nature of everyone who makes up our Gippsland Grammar Community. I am so proud of all our students and want to say thank you to them for how they have managed the term.

I am blessed to have a gift to share with you all at the end of this tumultuous term. It is a gift that promotes reflection on the term that has been. A term that has been challenging and emotional for so many of us. I would like to thank our Director of Performing Arts Dr Kevin Cameron for his work on this Virtual Choir project. Here are his thoughts on this beautiful collaboration:

‘Singing, and being sung to, is deeply ensconced in our humanity.  It is something we all understand because it speaks to us, and resonates with each of us, in ways that spoken or written words cannot. One of my mentors described the ancient and timeless power of singing in this way: People often forget what you sang to them, but they will forever remember the way you made them feel.

This COVID-19 pandemic has been an exceptionally challenging time for our singers.  Even at Gippsland Grammar, where there is a long tradition of excellent singing, our choristers have been masked, silenced, sent outdoors, and set aside by our abundant caution in resisting an invisible threat. But this has not meant that we have stopped singing, collaborating, and sharing our voices.  The choristers and I have been quietly working on a virtual choir project over the past few weeks. 

The song is Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves; a song that speaks to those that are struggling with burdens, those who have lost precious people they love, or those hoping for better days ahead.  As the song lyric states: ‘Hold tight to your umbrella, well darlin’ I’m just trying to tell ya, that there’s always been a rainbow hanging over your head’.

Putting this project together has made me quite emotional as I watched this group of exceptional young people within our music community at Gippsland Grammar do this almost completely by themselves and sound so beautiful; there’s no rehearsal here, just authenticity and generosity.  It’s food for the soul, and I hope their brightness and message brings comfort and hope as we end this term that has been so challenging and emotional for so many of us.’

Please enjoy watching this beautiful song, performed by our students. I hope it brings you comfort to you and your family.

 Watch here:

Please take whatever time you can over the next two weeks to refresh and enjoy the company of family and friends. Here’s to a positive end to the year for us all and I look forward to being in touch with you before our final term commences on Monday October 4.

Warm regards,

Leisa Harper


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