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May 6, 2022 | Bairnsdale News, Garnsey News, Principal's News, St Anne's News

‘Life is about the impact you can have on someone else’s life.’
‘Stop doing, start being.’
‘Be a warrior, not a worrier.’

These statements are simple but ones that we can’t lose sight of. Alongside more than 200 others last night I thoroughly enjoyed listening to mindset coach Ben Crowe at our Bairnsdale Campus. Ben’s messages of being present, leaning in and accepting what you can’t change had an impact on our School Captains as they reflected on Ben’s presentation.

I would like to thank everyone who attended as the funds raised will go towards wellbeing initiatives across all three campuses. If you haven’t already seen Ben’s app ‘Mojo Crowe’ I encourage you to have a look and perhaps sign up for his course. Our sincere thanks to Ben ‘Mojo’ Crowe for being with us. 

Wishing all our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, godmothers and special people a wonderful day on Sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Warm regards,
Leisa Harper

Early Learning Centre news by ELC Director Lisa Burgess

‘Mums are like buttons. They hold everything together.’
This week the ELCs have been overflowing with love as we celebrate one of the most important dates on our yearly calendar: Mother’s Day. The children have been crafting beautiful cards and gifts for their special Mums and have enjoyed sharing why their Mum is the ‘best Mum in the world’. Being about to reflect on how much others mean to us and learning to say ‘thank you’ is important for young children as they begin to be able to show empathy, kindness and gratitude.

Bairnsdale Reception report by Sommer Lea Collins
We have been reflecting on our mothers and their role in our lives. The children shared their feelings in a whole group discussion, listing reasons why they love their mothers and the special things they do for us, such as “cooking yummy food” (Xavier) and “reading me bedtime stories” (Jed). The children created a portrait of their Mums as a special gift. The children incorporated individual features into their art, such as “Mum’s beautiful long hair” (Flynn). Most children were keen to use their mum’s favourite colours in their paintings. Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Reception group mothers. May you all be thoroughly spoilt by your favourite people.

St Anne’s Reception (Tuesday/Thursday) by Elise Edgar
We loved having our mums join us on Thursday afternoon for craft, presents and plenty of cuddles and kisses. During the week we have been asking each child to think deeply about why their mum is the best in the world. Here are a few of their responses.

Harper: I love my Mum because she plays with me.
Jack: I love my Mum because she reads me lots of stories.
Milla: I love my Mum because I get to help her do the dishes.
Sloane: I love my Mum because we pack up the toys together.
Freya: I love my Mum because she helps me if I cry and I get an ouchy.
Rex: I love my Mum because I love the cuddles.
Jackson: I love my Mum because she brings me lots of flowers because I like to plant flowers in the garden.
Matilda: I love my Mum because she gives me cuddles when I go to bed.
Willow: I love my Mum because she kisses me at night.

St Anne’s Reception (Monday/Wednesday) by Tammy Lopardi
The excitement has been building in the room this week as every child has been busy completing a Mother’s Day card, and gift and preparing an activity for the Mother’s Day afternoon. It was beautiful to hear about the special relationships between the children and their mothers as they talked about what they like to do with their mum. Not only are they excited to give something to mum, but they are showing an enormous amount of pride in completing a process independently. We are looking forward to welcoming our mums to an afternoon celebration on Monday.

St Anne’s and Bairnsdale Transition by Danielle Carpenter, Kristy How and Sommer Lea Collins
The St Anne’s Transition children all enjoyed breakfast with their mum. At St Anne’s, it was toast and croissants in the ELC, and each Mum was given a flower and a glass of something fruity and bubbly. They then enjoyed viewing their child’s learning portfolio and wrote their child a special note about why they love being their mum. This letter will be added to the portfolios as a life-long keepsake. The morning ended with the presentation of a handmade piece of jewellery and a hand-painted love heart dish.

In Bairnsdale, the children and mums were invited to join the rest of the Junior campus for a beautiful breakfast on Friday, followed by Mother’s Day Fellowship. It was a lovely opportunity to welcome new ELC families into our School Community. The day ended with the children presenting their gifts of hand-painted pots.

I hope that you all have a relaxing Mother’s Day on Sunday and are able to make some precious memories.

Aiden, Elijah and Mason prepare Mother’s Day gifts and cards.

The St Anne’s Transition classes invited their mums to a Mother’s Day breakfast on Friday where they enjoyed croissants and received gifts.

Bairnsdale Campus news by Head of Campus Virginia Evans
Mojo Crowe
Such a wonderful event was enjoyed by many last night, as we hosted Ben ‘Mojo’ Crowe at the Bairnsdale Campus. Local business owners, sporting clubs, educators and students joined us to listen to Ben’s amazing presentation and we all went home with messages that will impact our lives and a personal mantra to assist us with the challenges of life. We are most grateful for Ben’s generosity in both his time and wisdom.

The night was a great success which reminded me of the commitment, the talent, and the willingness of our staff to work as a team that ensured the event was such a success. I am grateful to the Bairnsdale staff who saw this event as an opportunity to gather our Community but, more importantly, an opportunity to provide support for our wellbeing program. These events warrant special thanks, including a special mention to Sarah Guinness who undoubtedly ensured the night was enjoyed by all through her meticulous eye for detail and tireless work leading up to the event. To our musicians, Mr Todd Cook and Mr Geoff Stagg; thank you for the pre-entertainment that set the scene for a terrific night. And it is with much appreciation to Mrs Libby Crowe for her persistence in liaising with her brother-in-law Ben to secure his presentation.

It was also lovely to welcome our fellow educators who we invited to the event as a sign of community connectedness and with an understanding of the challenges we have all faced in recent times. The student leaders from Nagle College and Bairnsdale Secondary College joined our School captains to enjoy the night together.

Mother’s Day
This morning we continued the celebrations and acknowledged our mothers and special women in our lives. Ms Whelan and the students of Correa presented a beautiful and moving Fellowship and I loved that every little person in Correa stated that their mum was the best and for so many different reasons while Mrs Finlay delivered a heartfelt and honest description of being a mum, including the joys, the challenges and the many highlights. This significant occasion provides a time to reflect and remember those that were not with us today, lighting a candle in their memory.

Tomorrow, we have another opportunity to showcase our School with our Bairnsdale Campus Open Day. I ask that you encourage any family or friends that may interested in a Gippsland Grammar education to join us between 9-11am.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend to celebrate the special women in your lives.

More than 200 people attended last night’s event with mindset coach Ben Crowe. Ben is pictured with our School Prefects and student leaders from Nagle College and Bairnsdale Secondary College (above left); and there were lots of happy faces at this morning’s Mother’s Day breakfast (above right).

St Anne’s Campus news by Head of Campus Jie Van Berkel
Japanese Children’s Day
If you had walked or driven past the front of St Anne’s yesterday, you would have spotted two large Koi fish flags flying at the top of our flag poles. Our School has a strong connection with Japan and its culture, which has been developed and fostered by our long-serving and passionate Japanese teacher, Jan Chalmer. Each year on May 5 Children’s Day is recognised in Japan. It is a National Holiday and throughout the country it is common to see tall flagpoles flying carp-shaped (known as Koi) windsocks on this day. The Asian carp (as opposed to the European carp, which causes environmental problems in Australia) looks like a giant goldfish. It was chosen as a symbol for Children’s Day as the carp are strong and healthy and can bravely swim upstream, even jumping up small waterfalls. Parents in Japan hope their children will also be fit and healthy, like the carp and show persistence and resilience when faced with obstacles.

St Anne’s Family Picnic
We have had to postpone our St Anne’s Family Picnic numerous times this year due to bad weather so there was a sense of relief and excitement when this event went ahead yesterday afternoon. I have written about it multiple times now, but events like this are so important as they offer us opportunities for our Campus Community to come together. There was music playing, children playing a range of games and adults socialising. We also held an Easter Egg hunt because we had to postpone that activity late last term. Thank you to the families and staff who were able to make yesterday’s Family Picnic.

The Koi fish flags at St Anne’s to commemorate Japanese Children’s Day (above left); and Sylvie, Indiana, Mr Van Berkel and Riley enjoy the spoils of the Easter Egg hunt at the St Anne’s Family Picnic on Thursday evening (above right).

Sporting success
We have had a range of sporting events recently that our students have participated in and achieved excellent results. It is interesting to note that after limited sporting events over the past two years, many students are finding it challenging to get back into physical activities so it is more important than ever that we continue to provide these opportunities for our students.

We were pleased to have perfect weather on Monday for our annual House Cross Country, which was great opportunity for our students to test their endurance. A highlight for me is how struggling runners are always supported by other students, whether that is through cheering or running beside them. Another highlight is having our Year 6 and Foundation Buddies run the 1km course together. Thank you to Kate O’Toole for organising the event and for the support of staff and parent helpers.

House Cross Country results
1st: Cranswick Dargo
2nd: Wellington Binks
3rd: Tisdall Hotham
4th: Blundell Bogong

Age Champions
8/9 years: Tayah McGrath and Marley Spoljaric
10 years: Jessica Brewer and Henri Duggan
11 years: Adelaide Ripper and Toby Turnbull
12 years: Sophie Moy and Cruz Duck

State Swimming Carnival
We had six swimmers from St Anne’s and one from our Bairnsdale Campus represent Gippsland Grammar at the SSV State Swimming Carnival last Friday. Max, Toby and Adelaide all competed in individual events, which is a huge achievement as they had to compete in five swimming carnivals to get to the SSV State final, which means they are in the top eight swimmers in the state for their selected events. Our relay team of Milla, Erin, Sarah and Adelaide all swam incredibly well. In fact they actually swam three seconds faster than their regional carnival time! As well as congratulating our students I would also like to thank our supportive parents for transporting our team to Melbourne for this event.

Marley, George, and Jay with their place ribbons after the under-10 event at the St Anne’s Cross Country on Monday (above left); and Gippsland Grammar junior campus swimmers at the SSV State Swimming Carnival. (Standing) Milla, Erin, Sarah, Adelaide. (Kneeling) Toby, Piper (Bairnsdale Campus) and Max Williamson (above right).

Regional Tennis at Traralgon
We had our largest ever tennis team represent Gippsland Grammar at the regional tennis competition recently. Andre Wasserman, Henry Seeber, Judah Levchenko, Ebony Running, Charlotte Biram, Milla Lazzaro and Tara Lambert all played exceptionally well and made it through to the semi-final round. This is a great effort from our talented group of tennis players.

Mother’s Day Fellowship and other Fellowships
Due to COVID-19 and absent staff members at St Anne’s, we have had to shuffle some of our Fellowships. Today Year 6 Goolagong hosted our Fellowship in the Lorna Sparrow Hall and next week (Friday 13 May) Year 6 Mackellar will host our Mother’s Day Fellowship at 9am in the Hall. We would like to invite all of our St Anne’s mums along to a delicious morning tea after Fellowship. I look forward to seeing many of our parents and families at the upcoming Fellowships.

Finally, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in our wider community. I am often amazed at how mothers are able to do so much and regularly put the needs of their family above their own. Thank you, and I hope your child/ren spoil you on Sunday!

Ebony, Charlotte, Milla and Tara at the regional tennis competition (above left); and Year 6 Goolagong hosted this morning’s Fellowship (above right).

Garnsey Campus news by Acting Head of Campus Justin Henderson
Ben Crowe at Garnsey
Our Years 10, 11 and 12 students had the opportunity to listen to mindset coach Ben Crowe in the Chapel of St Anne on Thursday afternoon (pictured below) before Ben continued to the public event at our Bairnsdale Campus Thursday evening. Ben is a world-renowned and sought-after mindset coach, motivator and mentor and has worked with international superstars including Ash Barty, Dylan Alcott, Stephanie Gilmore, Andre Agassi and many more.

In his presentation Ben spoke about the importance of focussing our attention 100 per cent on the things that we can control, such as our thoughts, our actions, our work ethic, our schedule and our reactions. He gave staff and students some practical actions to work towards a ‘Performance Mindset’, which included writing a to-be list (rather than a to-do list) and use this list to stop doing and to start being. Ben’s message was that we need to embrace our own imperfections; we should know, understand and accept that we are not perfect and striving for perfection causes anxiety and stress. Instead, we should strive for excellence and improvement.

There were many positive messages throughout the presentation that will assist our staff and students, both now and throughout the challenges that they will face throughout their lives.

Clockwise from top: Head of Rowing Nick Bartlett with Year 12 students Billy Osborne and Lindsay Hamilton at the National Rowing Championships at Nagambie; Ella McConachy, Joey Board and Ella O’Doherty proudly display their prizes at Farm World; and the Year 9 students at Lake Tali Karng this week.

Clay Target Shooting competition
On Thursday Grammar’s shooting team made their way to Lilydale for the second clay target competition for the season. It started early with four of our team members leaving Bairnsdale at 5.30am and not getting back until after 7.30pm. This shoot consisted of three separate disciplines and 30 targets overall:

  • 10 DTL/trap targets (Down The Line)
  • 10 skeet targets
  • 10 simulated targets.

Congratulations to Luca Di Corleto for coming first in the junior boys, shooting a great score of 23/30 targets, only missing out on the highest score of day by two points. Oscar Smith also shot 23/30, meaning that he was equal first in senior boys, which entered him into a controversial DTL shoot off against three others in their favourite discipline. Pip Treasure also shot exceptionally well with an outstanding effort to win the senior girl’s section against two other highly fancied and experienced competitors. The A team scored very well, winning second place overall in a spirited competition with schools coming from all over the state to attend.

Student Pip Treasure said it was a fun and successful day and passed on her thanks to the team’s out-of-school helpers and coaches who come out to Longford every Thursday as well as attending competitions and volunteer their time to help us improve. Also a huge thanks to Mr Kuch and Mr Howard for all they do for the shooting team throughout the year.

Year 8 Outdoor Education Camp
This week saw half of our Year 8 cohort on their Mitchell River for a Hiking and Rafting Experience. The students are due home this afternoon and reports so far suggest they had a great time, braving some overnight rains and supporting each other through the week.

Davinci Decathlon
The minds of some of our Year 7 and 8 students were stimulated and challenged earlier this week as they competed in the online Da Vinci Decathlon state competition (pictured below). Run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon, the Da Vinci Decathlon is an academic competition which emphasises higher-order thinking skills, problem solving and creativity. Students compete in teams of eight across 10 disciplines which include Engineering, Mathematics, Code breaking, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Ideation, Creative Producers, Cartography and Legacy.

This year our School had three teams working together to solve problems based on this year’s theme of ‘Patterns’, which saw the students crack codes, read maps, write poetry, solve science and maths problems and use their imagination to draw and construct models. Teacher Mrs Lambert said the participating students showed excellent teamwork with a fierce but fair competitive nature demonstrated among all the teams from across Victoria. Results from the competition will be released early next week.

This week Anthony Smith took part in an interstate Youth Regatta in Canberra on Lake Burley Griffin. Anthony was selected in the under-19 Victorian State Team which competed against other Australian States and won. Year 12 students Billy Osborne and Lindsay Hamilton have been trialling for the Australian Junior national Rowing Team this week and over this coming weekend. We wish them all the best over the weekend and look forward to hearing good news about their efforts on their return next week.

SEISA surfing
Mr Davies and Mr Oglivie took the SEISA Surf team to Phillip Island last Friday to compete in the event. It was an early start but a wonderful day with the team having an excellent experience.

Jack McMillan Memorial Award
On Monday, RSL sub-branch Vice President Mr Ross Jackson attended our Assembly to present the Jack McMillan Leadership Award. Mr McMillan enlisted in World War II for the Australian Imperial Forces and served from 1940 to 1945. He was a life member of the RSL and a President of the Sale RSL from 1981 -1983 and was treasurer of the Sale RSL for 13 years. The award was created by the RSL to recognise the Service Mr McMillan provided to his country and his community and is awarded to one young person in the Sale and surrounding townships each year. Mr Jackson presented the award to Year 9 Student Regan Leeson. The award recognises Regan’s leadership, teamwork, values, problem solving and community participation. Congratulations Regan.

– A reminder that the first parent teacher interview session is on Monday night via Zoom and registrations should be done via the VOS notice provided last week.
– Year 7 and 9 students will complete the NAPLAN Assessments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week.
– Next Friday night is the annual Bands’ Concert. Please see Mr Cameron’s newsletter below or the VOS post for more information.

Students from Years 7-12 travelled to Phillip Island last Friday to compete in SEISA surfing (above left); and RSL sub-branch Vice President Mr Ross Jackson presented Year 9 student Regan Leeson with the Jack McMillan Memorial Award at Monday’s assembly (above right).

Performing Arts news by Director of Performing Arts Kevin Cameron
Students and staff in Music and Performing Arts have started a very exciting and busy Term 2.  Final preparations are now in full swing for some major concerts and events that display the high level of commitment and collaboration of those in our school who are passionate about arts and performance.

Bands’ Concert
The Bands Intensive last weekend featured the concert bands and jazz bands from Garnsey and St Anne’s working with their conductors and specialist tutors in sectional, full band, and combined band configurations.  The Bands Concert (next Friday May 13 at 7pm in Garnsey Hall) will present varied and interesting performances (with some surprise guests!). The concert is free but ticket bookings should be made via Trybooking:

As a reminder, musicians should arrive at the Music Centre at 6.30pm with their instrument, music, water bottle and wearing their Concert Blacks or school uniform as appropriate to their ensemble. The Hall will be open for parents from 6.30pm and tickets must be presented on arrival.  Due to COVID-19 protocols there will be no tickets available at the door.

SEISA Music Festival
A contingent of Gippsland Grammar musicians attended the SEISA Music Festival this week for a full day of workshops and a sharing concert in collaboration with musicians from other SEISA schools and conductors Matt Klohs (symphony orchestra) and Marianne Rigby-Black (choir).  Each school nominated a feature soloist for the concert, and I congratulate our School Captain Rory McLeod on his vocal solo – a memorable and outstanding performance!

A large cast, crew, and orchestra has been steadily preparing songs, dance steps, notes, and dialogue for our 2022 musical production of Chicago, which features our singers, actors, dancers and musicians from Years 8 to 12 in a tale of murder, mystery and music from 1920s America.  Tickets can be booked via Trybooking:
Due to COVID-19 protocols there will be no tickets available at the door.

Garnsey Soiree
The Garnsey Soiree will be held on Monday May 30 at 6pm in the Chapel of St Anne’s and will feature a selection of our solo singers and instrumentalists. This is a free event and all are welcome.

As you can see, we have a lot of events coming up and everyone in the Music Centre is pleased to invite all members of our Music and Performing Arts Community to some long-awaited concert events.  Our students and staff have been working hard to prepare interesting and memorable musical treats, and we hope that many of our parents, friends, and supporters will be able to join us.

Thank you for your continued support of the Music Centre and our students as they make their music.

Catch up on last week’s newsletter here:


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