Gippsland Grammar news: March 4, 2022

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This week has had numerous highlights and it has been delightful to have more and more opportunities for our students as restrictions ease. On Monday, I shared the importance of sleep with our Garnsey students and many of them have reflected on the clip that I shared. As I have walked around the campus on the days since, students have commented on how they weren’t aware of the implications of not enough sleep on their memory capacity. It has been a great conversation starter and I am sharing the clip with you now in the hope you also find it interesting: Sleep Cycle

This morning I had the privilege of attending the Bairnsdale Campus Fellowship, which acknowledged the campus’s Year 6 Leaders. Here is some of the message I shared:

“Today’s Leadership Induction is the perfect time to remind all of us that we are all important and we have a role to play. Just because you don’t have a title or a badge or you are not in Year 6 doesn’t mean that you don’t have to show leadership. You can do it in lots of ways. Simply following what Mrs Evans or your teachers ask of you is showing leadership. Things like looking out for someone who is struggling or lonely or asking if you can help someone is showing leadership.

Remember that our Year 12 School Captains and Prefects were once in Foundation. They looked up to ‘the big kids’ and wondered if one day they could be like them. And I can tell you many of those roles go to the quiet achievers. The ones who have shown gentle leadership all throughout their schooling. They are not always the most academic or the best musician or the fastest runner. They are the people who have qualities that can go unnoticed.

At Gippsland Grammar we are all leaders.
Put in another way, Jesus said that ‘the least important person among all of you is the most important’. We must not forget this. We all play a part in making our school great. If we don’t work together then things fall apart.

To our student leaders today I wish you well. I want you to take time to recall what Jesus’ message was and remember what I feel is perhaps the most important quality of all! A great leader leads by example.  Younger students often look up to older students with awe and admiration! They closely watch and copy the behaviour of older kids, and so a good student leader understands their responsibility as a role model to the younger years. Not only do they recognise this responsibility, but a good leader is excited about the opportunity to lead and guide others! They would never ask anyone to do anything which they are not willing to do.

So, let us pray: A Leader’s Prayer

Leadership is hard to define.
Lord, let us be the ones to define it with justice.
Leadership is like a handful of water.
Lord, let us be the people to share it with those who thirst.
Leadership is not about watching and correcting.
Lord, let us remember it is about listening and connecting.
Leadership is not about telling people what to do.
Lord, let us find out what people want.
Leadership is less about the love of power,
and more about the power of love.

Lord, as we continue to undertake the role of leader let us be
affirmed by the servant leadership we witness in your son Jesus.
Let us walk in the path He has set and let those who will, follow.

Let our greatest passion be compassion.
Our greatest strength love.
Our greatest victory the reward of peace.

Warm regards,
Leisa Harper


Early Learning Centre news by ELC Director Lisa Burgess
This week our Reception teachers are sharing the wonderful learning experiences they provide for the children in their classes.

Bairnsdale Reception by teacher Sommer Lea Collins
The children have enjoyed looking at and sharing their individual photobooks over their first few weeks in the ELC. This experience has created an opportunity for children to reflect upon memories from home and their families and build a strong connection between them. We purposely plan for experiences of this type to help make every child feel happy and safe and help them understand that they can belong to multiple communities – home and school. The photobooks also provide comfort to children as they prepare for transitions during the day or start to miss their families. They are a great language and conversation starter too. Thank you to our families who worked with their children to select meaningful photos and memories to share.

St Anne’s Reception (Cygnets Tuesday/Thursday group) by teacher Elise Edgar
This week the children in the Cygnets room used musical instruments to enhance their mat time and musical experience. We have been practising our ‘five little ducks’ song. This assists the children in fine motor control as we teach hand actions and develop finger control. We also have been exploring mathematical concepts by counting the number of ducks. The repetition supports the children’s memory and learning. The children loved singing this song together with the tambourines and other musical instruments. We discussed keeping to the beat and rhythm of the music and how to use the instruments correctly. It was a favourite activity in the Cygnets room this week.

St Anne’s Reception (Cygnets Monday/Wednesday group) by teacher Tammy Lopardi
As the children become settled within the environment, we have extended both the indoor and outdoor play sessions to allow the children to have longer uninterrupted playtime. The extended outdoor session now becomes part of the St Anne’s recess. The children are very excited when they see their siblings and friends through the fence. They will often stop for a quick hello and hug before returning to their play. This has assisted with the children developing their sense of belonging to the Gippsland Grammar community. We are fortunate to have had regular contact with many different school members from early in the Reception year. This week we had Head of St Anne’s Mr Van Berkel come for a visit. Hannah enjoyed digging a hole in the sandpit with him. The children also get very excited when Mrs Carpenter, Mrs Burgess, and Mrs Jeffries (the Transition teachers) visit.

Save the Dates:
In the coming week, all ELC families will be receiving an invitation to our ‘Stay and Play’ Open Evenings. ‘Stay and Play’ is an opportunity for parents and carers to spend an hour at the ELC with their children. We invite you to come along and enjoy some special one on one time in our beautiful learning environments. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the activities and experiences that your child is having in their time here, ask questions, meet the educators and the other families in your child’s group.

This event will be run in the most Covid-safe way possible. There will be a focus on outdoor activities, and masks will be compulsory for adults in the room. We also ask that other siblings remain at home, if possible, to limit unnecessary exposure to children who might be attending other venues. We hope that this evening will be a special time for you all to learn more about Gippsland Grammar Early Learning Centre and your child’s education.

Bairnsdale Campus Stay and Play Evenings:
Reception Group: Tuesday March 8 from 5–6pm
Transition Group: Wednesday March 9 from 5-6pm

St Anne’s Campus Stay and Play Evenings:
Reception Group (Monday/Wednesday): Wednesday March 23: 6-7pm
Reception Group (Tuesday/Thursday): Tuesday March 22, 6-7pm
Transition Group (Black Swans): Wednesday March 16, 6-7pm
Transition Group (White Swans): Thursday March 24 6-7pm

Easter Hat Parade and Welcome Morning Tea – St Anne’s Campus
Transition Groups (Black Swans and White Swans) Friday April 1 from 11am

There is a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Bonny shares her photo book with Hannah and Harriet and Ethan celebrate Shrove Tuesday by making and enjoying some pancakes

Bairnsdale Campus news by Head of Campus Virginia Evans
As I reflect on the week, I can only feel grateful for our current position as a Community that is both safe and happy despite some challenges. I say this as I feel for our fellow Australians confronted with extreme flooding and our international friends facing the consequences of actions beyond their control. We support the leaders throughout the world in their response and decision making going forward.

Clean up Australia Day
‘How will you step up?’ This has been the question posed this week regarding the annual Clean Up Australia campaign. Our Campus Captains Chelsea Trewin and Benjamin Reynolds have led the way in encouraging our students to be demonstrate ‘responsibility’ by working together to make our campus a clean and safe environment. Each class had a designated area and task to complete at the conclusion of outside play. The important message is that is it our role every day to keep our community clean and safe, not just on Clean up Australia Day.



Mrs Crowe, Foundation studnets Ryan and Eadie and other students do their part to clean up the school grounds.


Welcome and Leaders’ Induction Fellowship
Stepping into their leadership roles officially, our Year 6 leaders, the Green Team, our Student Representative Council and our Bus Captains were inducted into their positions of responsibility during our Fellowship this morning. Being week five I know they have already set some plans in place and have a clear focus on their goals for the year. Continuing their commitment to their team through their actions will be an important part of their learning in leadership.

We officially welcomed our families, new students, and staff to the 2022 school year with a terrific Fellowship. Olive Linley and Chelsea Trewin set the scene for a joyful celebration leading us in with the song, ‘Happy’. Our Foundation class did not let us down in the annual first performance led by Mrs Cara Scheafer. They were a delight to watch. James Snow supported by Mr Geoff Stagg concluded our time with his rendition of ‘Sultans of Swing’ by Dire Straits, on the guitar.

Our guest speaker Sarah Carlisle shared her experiences around leadership as she pursued her vison for her business, Venture Out. Being an outstanding leader in the tourist industry requires many attributes and we witnessed many of those today as Sarah spoke with passion and commitment in telling her story.

Sporting Events
Table Tennis on Tuesday afternoons has been well received with Year 3 student Chloe Ashley stating that, ‘It was great!’ We hope that the program provides another avenue of enjoyment for our students.

Our team of swimmers were successful in the pool yesterday, firstly by making it to District level and secondly for representing Gippsland Grammar with fine spirit, cheering each other on and acknowledging their competitors in a friendly manner. Congratulations to our swimmers who will swim at the Division level next week.

With our calendar filling quickly with many events recommencing, I ask that you please access VOS regularly for information, as that is our main source of communication with you. We need you to have your VOS app functioning to notify you of the details to these events. We are receiving a lot of phone calls when the information is there and available to you on VOS. Your support here is very welcomed. Again, we offer assistance if you need help in managing your VOS app. IT Support is available during business hours on 5143 6364.

Family Picnic (tonight!)
Coming together as a Community this morning has been long overdue and I look forward to continuing the fun tonight at our Family Picnic where you are welcome to join us at a time that suits you between 4.30pm and 7pm. Remember to bring your own picnic dinner, drinks and a picnic rug or chair. Icy poles will be provided!

Wishing you well for the weekend ahead.

Campus Captains Chelsea and Benjamin proudly wearing their new Campus Captains badges. 

St Anne’s Campus news by Head of Campus Jie Van Berkel
Outdoor Spaces
Outdoor play spaces are just as important as classrooms. I believe it is vital to create outdoor spaces that encourage our young people to be in nature, take calculated risks, socialise, problem solve, be physical and have fun. You may have noticed the change in play spaces from when you were younger. Natural materials such as sand, rock, wood, water and flora are taking over from plastic play equipment. Spending time in our ELC this week, I could see these natural elements in play. Spending time digging holes in the sandpit with our youngest students was fun and invigorating.

There has been a lot of excitement about the construction of our Year 3 to Year 6 adventure playground. The bespoke slide has been delivered, and the ground where the slide will go is being prepared. We have had great discussions with the Wellington Shire with the experts who create their play spaces, on how to make this the best possible environment for our students. I want to acknowledge our Parents and Friends committee along with our School Community who have fundraised over the past few years, to bring this engaging space to fruition.

Mr Van Berkel digging in the sandpit with Hannah & Site development is well and truly under way for the Year3-6 adventure playground.

Year 6 Leadership Fellowship
Getting the ‘green light’ to start having our Fellowships onsite with our parents and friends attending has lifted the spirits of many. We have purposely held off having pre-recorded Fellowships or Fellowships where we cannot have parents and friends come to them. I am committed to creating opportunities to bring our Community together so we can reconnect. This morning we celebrated and acknowledged our Year 6 students who have accepted leadership roles for 2022. These leaders have already been active within their roles. For example, our Library monitor have been proactive in the library during lunchtime with the guidance of our Teacher Librarian, Eliz Noble. Our guest speakers for this morning’s Fellowship were two past St Anne’s students; Will Coleman and Charlotte Runciman are current Year 12 Prefects and have held different leadership roles during their time at Gippsland Grammar. The Right Reverend Dr Richard Treloar, who is affectionately known by our students as Bishop Richard, shared his wonderful words of wisdom to those in attendance. I look forward to supporting all of our Year 6 students on their leadership journey this year.

Campus Captains:
Lucy Dray and Will Edgar

House Captains           
Cranswick Dargo:
Oscar Callanan and Isabella Spoljaric,  Tisdall Hotham: Ashley Tayler and Cruz Duck,  Wellington Binks Ella Lamb and Sophie Moy, Blundell Bogong: Milla Lazzaro and Vanessa Buhagiar

Japanese Captains: Charlotte Biram and Immi McAllister,  Music Captains: Tallulah Wynne and Dillon Meredith,  Choir Captain:   Rachel Treloar,  Art Monitors: Tara Lambert, Pippy Johnson, Leila Grattan and Angus Smith,  Sports Captains:  Addison Aurisch and Lacey Drew,  Library Monitors: Andre Wasserman, Ebony Running, Isaac Ward, Mason Lancaster and Melina Beanland,  Service Captains: Alyssa Alcock, Ellie Brown, Edward Greenwell, Mehek Kishan and Jack Pownall-Lee,  Digi Tech Captains: John Brewer and Sebastian Buchanan,  Choir Captain: Rachel Treloar

Clean Up Australia Day

Students from Foundation to Year 6 have participated in a range of activities coordinated by our Green Team Leader Mrs Condron. There was a hype of activity this morning as Year 4 students donned their high-vis vests and awaited instruction before they headed offsite to collect rubbish near the Port of Sale and Rowing sheds. Other activities included Year 1 making posters about recycling, landfill and compost, Year 5 making digital posters with handy hints for packing a rubbish free lunch and much more. Clean Up Australia Day is officially on Sunday March 6, and we encourage all St Anne’s families to do their part in keeping our community clean and rubbish free

Japanese at St Anne’s

We have one of the most enthusiastic and experienced Japanese language teachers in Australia; Mrs Jan Chalmer has taught Japanese at Gippsland Grammar for more than 35 years, has presented at numerous languages conferences, and organised many of our Junior School cultural tours to Japan. Over the coming weeks, Mrs Chalmer will share some interesting insights to raise our cultural awareness of Japan.

Fun Fact #1: It is estimated there are more than 5 million vending machines in Japan – that is about one machine for every 25 people! They can be found all over the country, even way out in the countryside. The range of things that can be bought from vending machines is amazing and includes drinks – both hot and cold, snacks, and ice-creams. In addition, some machines sell umbrellas, face masks, eggs, bananas, bunches of flowers, pizza and hamburgers!

COVID-19 reminder
COVID-19 is prevalent in our School Community and it is important that we all work together to keep each other safe. The School has previously communicated what we all need to do to make this happen. As a reminder, please remember the following.

  • Masks must be worn by students in Years 3 to 6. Students in Foundation to Year 2 are strongly encouraged to wear a mask. We have a small supply of masks, and ask that students bring masks from home. Please speak to your child about putting their mask in the landfill bin once they have finished using them. It is great to see so many students wearing reusable masks.
  • Rapid Antigen Tests are being sent home and students are asked to test twice a week.
  • If a student tests positive, please email the School via and they will need to isolate for seven days. We have learning tasks available via our VOS class pages for those students who are isolating and well enough to do so.

Finally, my thoughts go out to those in the areas affected my massive rains and flooding. I know we have people in our Community – me included – who have loved ones that have been impacted. If people in our Community know of ways that we can assist, please feel free to contact me.

The Right Reverend Dr Richard Treloar, Mr Van Berkel presenting Will and Lucy with their campus badges,  St Anne’s School Leaders this morning at Year 6 Leadership Fellowship,  Mackley and Charlie helping to keep the garden beds near the hall clean and rubbish-free & Year 4 students wearing their high vis vest ready to go off site and collect rubbish.

Garnsey Campus news 
This week, it has been wonderful to see our Campus return to more normal activities, which has provided our students with opportunity for involvement on and off campus. Our SEISA sporting teams competed in their first round of competition yesterday and were able to travel to Traralgon and Warragul to compete against the other SEISA Schools. In addition, we welcomed the intermediate cricket team from St Paul’s to Garnsey Campus.

Our students from Unit 1 & 2 Environmental Studies were lucky enough to travelled to Sandy Point for a Surfing Excursion on Monday. And our DAV Debating team has been working hard under the leadership of Captains Mia and Pearl. The team are meeting regularly to prepare for their first DAV event of the year which is next Thursday March 10.

I would like to thank our School Leaders who have initiated programs for Clean Up Australia Day and are looking at ways that the Sustainability Committee can make a real difference to our School. Their theme of ‘Courage, Connect and Culture’ has been evident in the wonderful work that they are doing. It was wonderful to see Charlotte Runciman and Will Coleman connecting with our Junior School students this morning at the Year 6 Leadership Fellowship.

Year 12 Prefects Will and Charlotte connecting with St Anne’s Year 6 students

Clean up Australia Day by Garsney School Captains Rory and Mia
This week as part of our theme ‘Courage, Connect, and Culture’ the students all got involved in the initiative, ‘Clean Up Australia Day’, but with our own little twist. The prefects took the lead and encouraged everyone to look around and pick up any rubbish, in order to clean up, fix up, and conserve our own school environment. Today the song ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ played in the final five minutes of lunch to get everyone involved in the activity. It was great to see so many students interested and eager to just get involved in order to keep our school clean. We as a leadership team are proud of our fellow students as they get involved in activities like this that have been absent for the last couple of years, as we have all missed being a part of group efforts that achieve good within not only our school, but the wider Community. We see this as the first of many great activities to come throughout the year in order to encourage students, connect with each other, and reinstate the culture of Gippsland Grammar.

School Captains Mia and Rory lead by example and participate in Clean Up Australia Day activities at Garnsey.

Drive Safely around Garsney Campus
In an effort to keep our Community safe in and around Garnsey Campus, the School asks all drivers and visitors to travel in an anti-clockwise direction around the Campus (as per the diagram below). Buses travel this way allowing easy access to the drop off points without any need for students to cross the road in front of traffic. Please note a bus zone exists in McGhee St with restricted parking and fines may be issued by Wellington Shire for anyone who parks in these areas. 

Catch up on last week’s newsletter here:


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