Semester 2 Begins

This week, the Garnsey campus officially began Semester 2 with a new timetable and a new Arts subject or elective for our Years 7-9 students. Quite a number of Year 10 and 11 students also changed their VCE units as they continue to gain clarity around their future...

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The Perfect Production

Under difficult circumstances this week, our campus has produced what I see as the perfect production! This was the result of a committed staff, a wonderful parent body and the most inspiring group of children. The message behind The Wizard of Oz is representative of...

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SEISA – Junior Winter Sport Round 5

Team                                                     GGS       BHP        WINNER Hockey (away BHP)                                1            5             BHP Football Boys (home game)                  0         133           BHP Football Girls (away BHP)       ...

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ISC Department Update

It has been another busy term for the Gippsland Grammar Garnsey students and ISC staff.  Year 7 history students learnt how to use Photoshop to create a poster and also researched Ancient Egypt using books and the Worldbook Online Encyclopedia and Clickview. All...

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English Department Update

It has been a busy time in the English department this semester as we have welcomed four new staff members who are teaching at Garnsey for the first time. Also, our Year 11 students have completed their first VCE unit of their respective English course, our Year 10...

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St Anne’s News

STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL: DROUGHT RELIEF Actions speak louder than words, which best describes our SRC’s efforts over the last few weeks. Ably supported by Mrs Kristen Rich and Mrs Nicky Roberts, our SRC planned and ran a sausage sizzle to raise money for...

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St Anne’s Update

This morning we were treated to a wonderful Fellowship by our Year 1 McCubbin students. They focused on teaching us all about the brain and how we can become better thinkers and learners. What a great message! Some of the key information they shared included:  When it...

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Spending Time in the Classroom

This week I have spent some time in our classrooms to providing relief for our specialist teachers and part-timers to write their reports. Teaching has always been my passion and working with children is the source of that passion so this experience has been quite...

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