Garnsey Campus newsletter: May 8, 2020

May 8, 2020 | Garnsey News

This week we had our first online Parent/Teacher interviews at the Garnsey campus. Commonly referred to as ‘speed dating’, the traditional Parent/Teacher interviews are usually a rather noisy gathering in the Laurie Payne Sport Centre where parents and carers dash from one teacher to another for their five minutes of feedback, catch up with those they haven’t seen for a while and spend time waiting and wondering if they are going to be next in line for the busy teacher who seems to need their own waiting room.

As we currently reimagine education, these interviews took place on Thursday afternoon in a virtual hall. Though there were a number of early challenges as parents and carers had to log in and searched for the teacher at the top of their list, overall our virtual interviews were a great success and the afternoon met its purpose to provide feedback to parents and carers on each child’s progress and application. After entering the virtual hall, parents and carers were able to select the teacher that they were due to meet, which gave families entry to the teacher’s waiting room then when the teacher was free, they were able to greet the parent/carer for a video conference and provide focussed feedback.

What is exciting about the reimagined ways in which we are undertaking teaching and learning is we are discovering new ways of doing things which provide many benefits and may even be better than the way that they have been done in the past. While there is always benefit in face to face meeting between parents/carers and teachers, some of the feedback I received regarding our virtual approach was that we were “onto a winner” as the interviews were quiet and very focussed without the background noise and movement of the traditional interview hall. For some, the time savings in travel were a positive too. I’d love to hear your thoughts of the online interviews so please email me if you have any feedback. Our next Parent/Teacher interviews will be held next Thursday afternoon for families with surnames starting from L-Z.

Chapel has continued each Wednesday morning during Term 2 in an online format.

It has been wonderful to see our Chapel services continue this term in an online format. Chaplain Jackie has encouraged student participation with students sending through recordings of prayers, readings and musical items for Easter, ANZAC Day and other services. Each Wednesday students attend Mentor Group and then as a group they watch a recorded service together which includes many familiar elements of prayer, readings and music.

Reverend Nikolai Blaskow and Chaplain Jackie continue to be available to our community and would welcome a virtual cuppa with students, family and staff who would like a chat. Members of our community are asked to send an email and Chaplain Jackie or Reverend Nikolai will “put the kettle on.” Bishop Richard is also encouraging individuals and families to light a candle at 7pm each night and share what they are grateful for that day; a very simple act that can have profound outcomes.

Reimagining the pastoral support provided by our Chaplains and the way we gather as a campus to engage in our Chapel services has meant that our students, families and staff continue to brush up against the values of Christ.

We are pleased to let our Community know that our Uniform Shop will reopen at its McGee St location on Tuesday and Wednesday next week (May 12 and 13). The Shop will be open by appointment only (book via Garnsey reception on 5143 6388 or email with 30-minute timeslots available. Social distancing guidelines will apply and additional days will be considered, depending on demand.

A pop-up second-hand Uniform Shop will also operate from the Laurie Payne Sports Centre at our Garnsey Campus from early next week (day to be confirmed via this Facebook page on Monday). This pop up shop will sell second-hand uniforms on consignment and the uniforms can be dropped off at Garnsey Campus gym foyer (access via McGee Street) from between 11am-2pm daily or at other times by prior arrangement from Monday May 11. All items must be left with a consignment form, which can be found here:

Kind regards,

Jan Henry
Head of Garnsey Campus

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