Garnsey Campus newsletter: May 22, 2020

May 22, 2020 | Garnsey News

It’s wonderful to be finally writing about our return to School, which will be on Tuesday, May 26 for our VCE, VET and VCAL students. I am looking forward to seeing our Campus come alive again with movement, laughter and plenty of learning. To ensure this is a smooth transition a number of Campus-specific arrangements have been put in place and are outlined below.

The Year 11 and 12 students will follow their regular timetabled lessons of 6 x 50 minutes. The students will not have Sport throughout this term on Thursday afternoons, instead they will have private study and are required to remain at School.

The Year 10 students may attend their VCE/VET classes.

  • Year 10 students may attend just for the VCE/VET class and, with an Exit Pass from Miss Dyke or a member of the School Executive, they can return home to continue their Learn@Home program.
  • Year 10 Students can remain at School if using the buses or for convenience and will be supervised in the ISC, where they can work on their Learn@Home program independently. Please note, they will need to have earphones in order to complete Learn@Home videoconferencing.
  • Any Year 10 student departing during the day before to Period 6 must obtain an Exit Pass which requires a parent signature then sign out in the ISC and can be collected from McGhee St.

Students in Year 7-10 undertaking the Learn@Home program will notice a change in timings as FlexiLearn afternoons finish. These students will now follow School timings with 6 x 50 minute lessons from home. Teachers will allow students at home a short break between lessons. All of these times will be reflected in VOS.

In Year 9 Science students made play doh and then used it to make models of atoms.

In order to enable us to have a welcome back assembly, all students both at School and at home will attend an assembly on both Tuesday, May 26 and Tuesday, June 9. These days will run with Day 1 timings. This means that next Tuesday, students will log into Mentor Group at 8.45am and have assembly before commencing classes at 9.30am.

All Year 10-12 students on campus will be required to get back into their Winter uniforms. The Winter uniform does extend to scarves, hair and shaving and I ask students to attend to these matters as much as the standard uniform.

The Children of Essential Workers in Years 7-10 who have been learning at St Anne’s will transfer up to the Garnsey campus and will be permitted to remain in casual clothes for the next two weeks as they continue their independent Learn@Home@School classes in the ISC.

I ask parents limit early departures from school to only important medical and dental appointments that cannot be rescheduled to a time after school. If a student, other than a Year 10 who has attended a VCE class, needs to leave they should gain an Exit Pass from their Head of Year, enter the front office through the front doors only when the person limit permits, sign out and then walk to Dawson St for pick up.

Please note in our guidelines that parents/guardians are not permitted onto Campus, unless pre-arranged to collect a sick child.

All morning and afternoon pick up points remain the same and the traffic signs around the School highlight where off-site parking is permitted. There is no staggered start to our campus school day and all students must attend Mentor Group at 8.45am.

The Quad Cafe is closed for the remainder of Term 2 and students must bring their own lunch to School. External deliveries have never been allowed to the campus and cannot occur during this return to School period either. While shared water taps have been closed, students will be able to fill water bottles throughout the day.

In order to minimise overcrowding and mix ups with uniform, students in Years 7-10 will be permitted to wear correct PE gear to School on days when they have Physical Education classes. This does not apply to Health classes. Students studying VCE Physical Education may also wear PE gear to School only if they have a practical lesson and teachers should advise students in advance of this.

Finally, in order to ensure social distancing and the health and safety of our School community, I remind parents that, should you need to collect a sick child you should call when you arrive in the carpark and your child will be escorted to your car. If students are arriving late or after an appointment, they should be dropped at the Dawson St gate and make their own way to reception. Parents may phone reception to notify of the arrival. Please continue to use email and phone contact and support us with respect to this important guideline not to attend the campus.

Please refer to the Return to School guidelines booklet distributed last week for more detailed arrangements. I thank all of our families for the amazing support you have given your children during Learn@Home. Our student survey results suggest that students are overwhelmingly looking forward to getting back to school and I’m certainly excited about this too. I look forward to seeing our senior students next week and hope that the final weeks of Learn@Home remain engaging for those in Years 7-10.  

I understand that returning to School at this time does require some consideration and families will have mixed views about elements of this return. It is important to know that we will not operate a Learn@Home program for students who do not return on the due date; we will ensure that class tasks are communicated through VOS Class Pages and that work can be submitted via VOS or email. Students not attending School may email their teachers, but videoconferencing will not be available. Students can also contact a friend in their class and ask that they pass on information.

In order to confirm an approved absence for any student not returning on the due date, please email I will pass this information onto the attendance officer, Mentors and teachers.

Kind regards,

Jan Henry
Head of Garnsey Campus

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