Garnsey Campus newsletter: May 15, 2020

May 15, 2020 | Garnsey News

This week we welcomed English and Drama teacher Mrs Sue Williams to the Garnsey Campus. Mrs Williams has taught at Gippsland Grammar previously and is a former parent but, more recently, comes to us from Bairnsdale’s Nagle College. Sue has taken over the classes of Ms Zoe Hilliar who began her parental leave this week. As we all know, Zoe has been an outstanding teacher of English and Media and has also been an enthusiastic co-teacher in charge of debating. We wish her good health and great joy as she prepares to welcome her second child in coming weeks.

Traditionally, Term 2 would have hosted our annual Cross Country Carnival for all three campuses; however COVD-19 has forced us to come up with a new way to encourage students to run or walk for their House. In coming weeks, Gippsland Grammar will host our inaugural ‘Virtual Cross Country’ for students across all three campuses. 

The ‘Virtual Cross Country’ involves students completing their cross-country run or walk from home. Students can do their run/walk on their own course either at home or on a track to which they have access, as long as they follow community social distancing guidelines. Students will time themselves so that they can submit their results to the School along with a photo of the run/walk. All competitors who submit a time will gain House points. Parents and siblings are invited to do the run with students. A ‘Virtual Cross Country’ Champion House will be awarded at each campus at the conclusion of the event. 

Details of how to submit a time and distances can be found on VOS News or students can contact either their House teacher, House Captains and Sports Captains. The closing date for their time and distance submission is Wednesday May 27. This is an optional event and we would love all students to participate for their House with a run or walk, Good Luck everyone. For further information contact Sports Gap student Ben Kearns at

Confined to the virtual world for the time being, it was a wonderful surprise for Mr Dolbel this week when his Year 12 Geography class appeared on Zoom looking like they were in the glacial environment that they were studying, thanks to some customised backdrops. This light-hearted moment is a lovely reminder that Learn@Home has given us some new and engaging approaches to learning.

Year 12 Geography students surprised teacher Mr Dolbel earlier this week
by setting the scene for a virtual excursion thanks to customised Zoom backdrops.
Learn@Home at its best!

Our online co-curricular program currently includes 12 activities and will continue to operate until our Year 7-10s return to School. There have been three new activities introduced over the past two weeks. In ‘Having fun with Excel’, Mrs Fleming has introduced some fun filled activities which highlight the basic features of Excel. Students have made games, like Tetris, which everybody loves and helps develop important skills.

Mr Llewellyn has been the quizmaster in the Kahoot activity and has encouraged students to come along and test their general knowledge and trivia against others with a few friendly and fun rounds of Kahoot. This has been very popular with both groups of friends and individuals.

And learning about sound and light production has allowed Mr King to share his amazing knowledge of the backstage work that goes into productions and we’re hoping students in these sessions will be inspired to learn about how the lighting and sound work for House and School productions so that they can contribute to these productions in the future.

There are only three weeks left in the co-curricular program and it’s not too late to join. Students should look for the notice on VOS News at 11.30am each Thursday and click on the Zoom link for the activity of most interest.

I wish to remind parents and students that Winter uniform will be required when we return to School in coming weeks. This will be the first opportunity for girls to wear pants if they wish. The pop up uniform shop in the Laurie Payne Sports Centre has been a great success this week and will continue into next week for those seeking second-hand uniform.

The ISO challenge has continued this week and was even featured on WIN TV on Wednesday evening. Despite a small drop in the number of total kilometres produced, participants have been getting into a great routine and training hard. Since the challenge began the participants have collectively run/cycled/rowed 7474.9 kms! They’re aiming to clear the 10,000km mark by this Sunday.

Well done again to Team 2 who topped the charts with another win for the third week in a row, though Team 3 pushed them hard and even occupied top spot for a few days. For total kilometres this week the top 5 standings were: Alex, Becky, Tom, Katie and Malia. For total time this week the standings were: Becky, Tom, Alex, Katie and Isabel. The staff winner this week was again Mr Chris Ray and the parent winner was Mrs Liz Foat with Eleanor winning the coaches category and the BRC winner was Lynne Broad. Well done to the parents/siblings team as they were the only team to record an increase of kilometres from Week 2 to Week 3. Well done to all participants.

Kind regards,

Jan Henry
Head of Garnsey Campus

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