Garnsey Campus newsletter: May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020 | Garnsey News

I have always been impressed by the spirit of service and competition that our students demonstrate. While we are engaged in Learn@Home the capacity to run a bake sale or organise a Casual Clothes Day is limited however it’s lovely to see that some students have not let this time of isolation stop them from taking on new challenges. In fact, they have used this time to work independently to set themselves some challenging goals.

One such student is Year 11 student Hannah Shepherd who is participating in a ‘Hair Raising Challenge’. Hannah will cut 30cm off her hair on May 10 and donate her hair to the Cancer Council Foundation to make a wig, which she hopes will bring a smile to the face of someone who has lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

Hannah says she is “doing this for two very special ladies, one that guides me daily (my Mum who has battled cancer twice) and the other my guardian angel (my Nan who passed away from cancer)”. Hannah had planned to work with her Mentor group to hold a fundraiser at the Garnsey campus this term but, in lieu of this, members of our School community can support Hannah via her fundraising page:

Year 11 Student Hannah Shepherd is cutting her locks as part of the “Hair Raising Challenge” to raise money for cancer research.

Like so many events, the Rowing season was brought to a premature end by the onset of COVID-19. Having set themselves the goal of selection for the Nationals as early as January, it was difficult for our senior and intermediate crews to just stop rowing. As isolation and social distancing set in, the rowers and coaches dealt with the disappointment of a season curtailed with a new challenge, and so the Gippsland Grammar Rowing Isolation Fitness challenge was born. This challenge has created an opportunity for our rowers to work independently on their fitness with all rowers in the program divided into four teams and required to log each independent fitness session. Having started off running, cycling and rowing, rowers were soon looking to incorporate boxing, core and strength workouts and skipping into their programs. A coaches’ team, and a parent/sibling team soon joined in and now the whole Gippsland Grammar Rowing community are working together to make the most of this time of isolation to maintain and even improve their physical fitness.

The standings after the first week of this isolation challenge saw Team 2 in first place, followed by the parent/sibling team with the coaches in third place. There have been some notable individual achievements. Congratulations to the following rowers:

Isabel Foat for doing 90kms in 8hrs and 15 minutes
Malia Wheal for doing over 100kms
Alex Coleman also exercised for over 100kms
Jonty Condron achieved over 100kms.

However the individuals with the most time and distance so far have been Tom Condron with 260.9kms and Becky Strauss with 12 hours and 18 minutes of training. For the parents’ team Mrs Liz Foat is leading the way with 11 sessions completed and in the staff team, Mr Ray is in the lead with 3 sessions of training under his belt. Keep up the great work everybody.

Tom and Jonty Condron (above left) and Liz and Isabel Foat (above right) getting their ISO Fitness on for the Rowing Challenge.

Congratulations to Hannah Husodo (Year 11) and Robert McNeilly (Class of 2019) who have each been awarded a Premier’s VCE Study Award. Hannah, who achieved a study score of a perfect 50, gained a Study Award for Biology and Robert was the only recipient of a Study Award for VCE VET Furnishing. Congratulations must also be given to their teachers for their wonderful guidance and support to help Hannah and Robert to achieve these results. Mr Josh Flanagan, Biology teacher, and Mr Nick Kuch, VET Furnishing teacher, are to be commended for their dedication and commitment. Each year the Premier’s VCE Awards recognise students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). This year a total of 307 awards were announced, including 276 Study Awards, 28 Top All-Round VCE High Achiever Awards and three Top International Student Awards. Usually presented at a major ceremony with parents and School representatives in attendance, this year’s award ceremony has been postponed. 

Robert McNeilly (class of 2019) with his two-drawer Scandinavian styled entertainment/TV unit, which was constructed from local Victorian Ash sourced at ASH Timber Mill, Heyfield, where it was processed before being kiln dried.


Torrens University are hosting an online Expo on May 7-8. The majority of the major universities that are of interest to students in our region will be part of this Expo including ACU, Monash, Federation, RMIT, Deakin, Defence Force Recruiting, Marcus Oldham, Victoria University, William Angliss Institute and many others from across Australia. Register your interest here:

Kind regards,

Jan Henry
Head of Garnsey Campus

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