Garnsey Campus newsletter: Jan 31, 2020

Jan 31, 2020 | Garnsey News

It has been both energising and exciting to welcome the students back to School this week and to hear their chatter as they pass by my office. The Year 7 students have settled in very well, which is a testament to their preparation and our great transition program. We continue to focus on the transition process which will take some time for most Year 7 students. Our focus is always on building connections with, and between, students as this is critical in their wellbeing.

We did begin our School year with an acknowledgment to all students of the terrible bushfires which have wreaked havoc throughout Gippsland and the wider Australian environment during the summer holidays. Our acknowledgement recognised and honoured members of our School community and I have included an extract below:
We would like to honour those students and families who have been so resilient in the presence of the bushfires as their lives, homes, property and communities have been threatened. In some cases, our Gippsland Grammar students and staff have faced considerable hardship and challenge. It’s been frightening and tiring, and for some, the wonder and joy of the summer holidays has passed without the usual adventures and time with family and friends. Please be reassured that we will support you all as you continue to face the challenges of ongoing fires and recovery from the bushfires which we hope have now passed.
We also honour those individual first responders in the fire services, police, SES, DELWP, and armed forces. What an amazing job they undertook and continue in fighting these bushfires and leading the recovery efforts. We honour the children and families who have supported these first responders and who must have been unsettled by their absence. You can be very proud of their contribution to helping others.
We would also like to honour the thousands of people in our community who have supported those impacted by the fires. Those who donated goods and services, those who gave of their time, those who took families and strangers into their homes, those who made pouches for injured wildlife and drove hay from distant places to feed cattle and so much more. Through the horror of these bushfires, we have witnessed a desire to take action to alleviate the suffering of others. We hope that many of you will still be thinking about how we might best express our compassion through action and look forward to talking with you more about this.
Please be assured that whether directly affected through threat to personal property, evacuation orders, disrupted holiday plans, worrying about family and friends in bushfire areas or seeing the disturbing images on the television each night, there is no predictability in reactions. Some people remain stoic and practical, even when they have been in the middle of these events, while it is normal that others, who may have not even been directly impacted or near fire may also feel anxious or not impacted at all. Whatever you feel, it’s okay.
We will have a chance to chat about your summer story next week but if you think you’d like to chat before that, please let your Mentor, Head of Year, Mr McAnulty, Chaplain Jackie or any trusted adult here on campus know. Your wellbeing is so important and returning to school where you can foster your friendships, build connections, strive to achieve goals and get back to routine will be positive for all of us and I encourage you all to support each other as we commence our year. We are certainly excited about supporting you in the year ahead.

Dobson’s Uniform Shop
As many families would be aware, there have been some serious issues with the supply of uniform from the Uniform Shop and that I understand why this has caused some considerable frustration for School families and for Gippsland Grammar. We are currently working closely with Dobsons to rectify this and we will be able to provide some further certainly next week about the arrival of the new uniform and items which are currently out of stock. I do apologise for this situation and look forward to ensuring the issues experienced over the last two weeks can be addressed.

Kind regards,
Jan Henry
Head of Garnsey Campus


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