Garnsey Campus newsletter: Feb 7, 2020

Feb 7, 2020 | Garnsey News

The House Swimming Sports were a great success on Thursday. It was disappointing to note much higher than normal absences and the number of appointments which were used to excuse students from the carnival. However, the competitors were in fine spirits and enjoyed the scheduled events as well as the wading pool water polo which meant that everyone was able to participate this year. Congratulations to Cranswick Dargo which had a clear win over Tisdall Hotham, followed by Blundell Bogong and Wellington Binks.

Age champions at the Garnsey Swimming Carnival. Top row (l-r): Shauna Anderson, Hannah Shephard, Katie Kerby, Connor McAuliffe, Arki Vardi and Will McKinnon. Front row (l-r): Hamish Anderson, Cohen Frith, Grace Ng Scarlet Tavaski, Jasmine McAuliffe and Teddy Ripper.


In line with the State Government recommendations that came into force this year, our School has also made some changes to our mobile phone use guidelines for 2020. These new guidelines will help address the issues of distraction, bypassing of internet filters across the School, child safety and social interaction. All of which have caused increasing concern over the past five years as the use of smartphones has grown over the last five years.

The key guidelines for 2020 are:

  1. Students in Years 7-12 are not permitted to access their mobile phones during the day; they must be kept in locked lockers.
  2. If seen or heard, teachers will ask for the phone to be handed in.
  3. Confiscated phones will be placed in a secure location and returned to students at Reception after 3.17pm on any day. 
  4. The teacher in charge of an excursion will indicate on the excursion information if students are permitted a mobile phone on excursions. These will be permitted where excursions occur out of regular school hours and/or where they assist with learning activities. 
  5. There will be some individual exemptions made for medical and emotional reasons and Heads of Years will manage these. 
  6. Parents should ring Reception if urgent messages must be provided to students between 8.45am and 3.23pm on any day. 

We thank parents for their support of these guidelines.

It was wonderful to welcome back many of the students from the Class of 2019 this morning for morning tea with staff and a chance to catch up with each other before heading to commence courses and work this year. Though a number of students have already headed overseas for a GAP year or commenced their apprenticeships and work, there was still great anticipation for what lies ahead amongst those who caught up with staff this week. In 2019 we had 88 students enrolled in Year 12 and 84 per cent of those applied for tertiary places in Victoria with others applying for interstate places. Of those who applied, 73 out of 74 students received a tertiary offer with 89 per cent receiving an offer in their top four preferences and about 60 per cent receiving their first preference. All of our Chinese international students have gained a place in a tertiary course for 2020. In terms of which institutions those offers have come from, our students have preferenced Monash University (23 offers) and Deakin University (17 offers) as by the far the most popular with RMIT (8), Latrobe (6) and Swinburne (5) next. The students that did not apply for tertiary entrance all have different career pathways underway including – but not limited to – accepting apprenticeships, direct workforce entry, casual/part time work while travelling and Defence Force applications.

There remain some concerns about traffic flow around the School with bus drivers reporting some issues with parking and direction of traffic flow this week. There are a number of issues that are important for all School families to note: 

  1. All parents who pick up students in the afternoon, must pick up in Dawson Street and park adjacent to our School boundary fence. Please do not park in the ‘No Standing’ areas or ask your child to walk across the road to meet you.
  2. All School traffic should travel in an anti-clockwise direction around the School; the greatest area of concern is when buses turn from the highway service road into Dawson Street where they face a blindspot which means that they cannot see cars travelling west along Dawson Street prior to turning. I ask for your co-operation by ensuring that all cars enter the service road at the second highway exit in front of the School gates, turn left from the service road onto Dawson Street, pick up your child at the “drop and go” area near the Dawson Street gate and then turn left into McGhee Street. All traffic is required to use McGhee Street and exit onto Raglan Street, where a widened road is close to completion.

I thank all families in anticipation of your co-operation with these traffic management issues.

Sale Police is hosting a cybersafety parent information forum later this month where parents and guardians can learn about what young people see, say and do online, challenges they may face, and how to respond and report. This will be a great opportunity to be more informed about these significant issues in our community.
When: Thursday, February 27
Where: The Wellington Room, Port Of Sale Foster Street, Sale
Time: 5.30-7pm (free entry)
Please register your interest with L/S/C Sarah REGGARDO
Sale Police Station on 5142 2200
Light supper, tea and coffee provided

Kind regards,
Jan Henry
Head of Garnsey Campus

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