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Feb 21, 2020 | Garnsey News

“One day my mother and I were in a crowd of people rounded up by the soldiers. About one hundred of us were crowded into a flat and held overnight. There was no food – just a bit of bread thrown at us. The next day we were lined up and forced to march – we didn’t know where.”
– Ernie

“Nearly every day after school I went around to my friend’s house. Then one day when I knocked at the door their maid came out. She told me that I was not welcome and that I could not come there again.”
– Ana

Courage to Care is about people and the ways in which lives can be affected by acts of discrimination. It is also about the impact of the intervention of those who step in to help and support the victims of such acts – ordinary people, whose actions make a difference. Courage to Care is a social acceptance education and upstander action program that combats prejudice and discrimination. It raises awareness about these issues, encouraging understanding and empathy, and empowering participants to stand up to prejudice and discrimination whenever it occurs. Students are challenged to question and critically reflect on their personal values as they become more aware of the types of behaviour that constitute discrimination, and to reject passive indifference in the knowledge that their actions can and do make a difference.
This week, all our Year 7 students and Year 10 History students spent time with the Courage to Care team (pictured below) in Garnsey Hall. The concept of being an upstander is so important in our School and our society and it was a wonderful opportunity for our students to engage with these ideas, with those whose lives have been impacted by the Holocaust and with people in the Courage to Care team who seek to challenge passive indifference and prejudice.

All Unit 3 Geography students took part in a fieldwork excursion on Monday and Tuesday this week. The students travelled to Melbourne to examine inner city redevelopment with particular emphasis on the Fisherman’s Bend (west of Docklands) area in Melbourne. They happened to run into Scott Cam from The Block outside a renovated building from a previous series of the TV show and were able to interview him about development in the area (picture above). Students made observations, interviewed members of the public and collected data to use in their fieldwork investigation report which will be completed in class in coming weeks.

There continues to be concerns about traffic flow around the school with ongoing issues with parking and direction of traffic flow.
There are a number of issues which are important for all School families to note: 

  1. All parents who pick up students in the afternoon, must pick up in Dawson St or McGhee St near Year 9 adjacent to our School boundary fence. Please do not park in the ‘No Standing’ areas or ask your child to walk across the road to meet you.
  2. All School traffic should travel in an anti-clockwise direction around the School; the greatest area of concern is when buses turn from the highway service road into Dawson Street where they face a blindspot which means that they cannot see cars travelling west along Dawson Street prior to turning. I ask for your co-operation by ensuring that all cars enter the service road at the second highway exit in front of the School gates, turn left from the service road onto Dawson Street, pick up your child at the “drop and go” area near the Dawson Street gate and then turn left into McGhee Street. All traffic is required to use McGhee Street and exit onto Raglan Street, where a widened road is close to completion.

I thank all families in anticipation of your co-operation with these traffic management issues.

Our Gippsland Grammar Twilight Fair will be held from 4pm-9pm on Saturday 21 March with an afternoon and evening of country fair-style feasting and frivolity. Please email if you have any questions or wish to contribute. Also, please ‘like’ the Twilight Fair event page on Facebook ( and if you respond as ‘going’ on the Facebook event page and also ‘invite’ all those in your own social media networks to come along too, it will helps us spread the word even more.

Parents who would like to learn practical skills to support an adolescent (aged 12-18) with a mental health problem may be interested in a two-day Mental Health First Aid course, which is being run in Sale on Monday March 16 and Monday March 23. The educational course is designed to help parents and guardians recognise common mental health problems, how to best provide help and how to respond to a crisis situation. The two-day course runs from 9am-4.30pm at Gippsland Consulting Suites, 1 Inglis St, Sale and is $150 plus GST. For more information, call Leanne at Gippsland Consulting Suites on 5144 5154 or visit:

The Gippsland Grammar Board of Directors would like to welcome back all of our families to another School year. As a Board, we have ‘hit the ground running’ and are working busily behind the scenes on a number of projects. Most importantly, we are looking forward to the arrival of our new Principal Leisa Harper and we are working closely with Mr Baker to ensure there’s a smooth transition when he departs at the conclusion of this term.
Earlier this week you should have received (via email) an invitation to Mr Baker’s farewell, which will be held at Portside on Thursday 26 March from 5-7pm. I encourage as many people as possible to join us to thank Mr Baker and wish him well as he leaves us.
RSVP’s are essential for catering purposes and please be aware that as alcohol will be served at the event it is an adults-only function.

Kind regards,
Jan Henry
Deputy Principal
Garnsey Campus

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