English Department Update

Jun 14, 2019 | Garnsey News

It has been a busy time in the English department this semester as we have welcomed four new staff members who are teaching at Garnsey for the first time. Also, our Year 11 students have completed their first VCE unit of their respective English course, our Year 10 students have completed their first English examination and our Year 7 students have completed their first unit of secondary English. This semester of ‘firsts’ has seen some excellent work produced by students and some innovative teaching practices employed to enable students to feel empowered in their learning and to encourage student voice.

All students in Years 7-11 have researched a current issue, synthesised their information and have delivered a persuasive oral presentation arguing their point of view. The art of persuasion relies heavily on the use of verbal persuasive language devices, and many of our students showcased these elements admirably when delivering their speeches. The best speakers from each class will be invited to participate in the school’s Public Speaking Competition later in Term 3.

Christina Kyriakou

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