Garnsey newsletter: June 21, 2019

Jun 20, 2019 | Garnsey News

As Term 2 finishes, I’d like to commend the students on their amazing energy, their positive engagement in their own learning, their respectful engagement with each other, their compassion for others and their willingness to embrace so much of what our School has to offer. Many of these qualities are evident in reports which have been distributed today; however, there is also great feedback in the reports which highlights ways in which students can continue to grow and learn. I would also like to commend the teaching and support staff for their amazing professionalism and effort this semester. 

This too is evident in the reports, which provide valuable advice to enhance student learning and which reflect the great opportunities that staff have enabled students to a part of this semester. I enjoyed reading the reports and wish all students and teachers a safe and enjoyable holiday and look forward to our return in Term 3. 


While results were not known at the time of writing this newsletter, today’s Cultural Festival has been a highlight of the House calendar. The standard of performance in the musical items was very high and it was wonderful to see some students who are not always at the front of our music ensembles joining in and providing some wonderful performances in a range of genres: rock, classical, jazz and vocal. The House choir performance was also enjoyable and continues to improve. The Chess matches were very focussed and competitive with students concentrating on their moves in Rooms 16 and 17. The dance routines at both junior and senior level were well-choreographed and very professional. With the exception of the two very entertaining staff items – the dance and the staff band’s version of Revolting Children’ – the whole day is put together and organised by the students and they did a fabulous job this year. The House Cultural Festival continues to a highlight in the School calendar for me and a great way to end the term.


On Monday June 17, our shooting team headed to Sale Field & Game Association in Longford to participate in the Howard & Schuback Inter-School Shoot, giving it their all for the last competition of the term. Consisting of two rounds of 10 simulated field targets, all shooters were required to shoot a total of 20 targets during the competition. Everyone performed exceptionally well, both individually and as a team. Our A-Squad of Jack Prestney, Tom Finlay, Robert McNeilly, Fergus Grubb and Lachie Anderson won the team’s event easily, shooting a well-deserved combined total score of 86/100 targets. The competition for the individual events was tough amongst our own shooters, with Jack Prestney, Lachie Anderson, Fraser Grewar and Oscar Smith all shooting the highest total score of 18/20 targets in Senior Boys. After a fierce shoot off for the winning title, Oscar Smith took third place with 21/24 targets, Lachie Anderson placed second with 25/28 targets, and Jack Prestney won the event after shooting a phenomenal 26/28 targets. Congratulations are also to be extended to our female shooters: Pippa Treasure placed third in Junior Girls after a fantastic effort shooting a great 15/20 targets in total. In Senior Girls, Susannah Keily shot a commendable 16/20 targets, taking out first place. Congratulations to our shooters for ending the term with a bang!

Jan Henry

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