VCE students among Victoria’s highest achievers

Dec 30, 2020 | Community News, Garnsey News

Gippsland Grammar is excited to share another outstanding year of results with its class of 2020 among some of Victoria’s highest achieving Year 12 students in their VCE studies.

An amazing 23 per cent of the School’s Year 12 students achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) above 90, which places them in the top 10 per cent of students in the State. And 55 per cent of students achieved an ATAR above 80, placing them in the top 20 per cent.

Gippsland Grammar’s Dux for 2020 is Hannah Husodo with an ATAR of 99.65.

Students joining Hannah as the School’s highest VCE achievers are Rebecca Strauss (Sale) with an ATAR of 98.35; Lauren Richards (Rosedale) with an ATAR of 97.6; Lemoni Japhary (Sale) with an ATAR of 96.55; Jasmine Spencer (Forge Creek) with an ATAR of 96.40; Min Min Bao (Bairnsdale) with an ATAR of 96.35 Alice Beyer (Lakes Entrance) with an ATAR of 96.3; Emma Murphy (Sale) with an ATAR of 96.25; Basma Qadeer (Sale) with an ATAR of 95.75 and Faith O’Connor (Sale) with an ATAR of 95.25.

Rebecca Strauss also achieved a perfect study score of 50 in Legal Studies.

Gippsland Grammar 2020 DUX Hannah Husodo with
Principal Leisa Harper at the Year 12 Valedictory in December.

Gippsland Grammar Principal Leisa Harper said the entire School Community was thrilled to be celebrating the success of all Year 12 students from those who have had success with apprenticeships, employment and now VCE results.

“Despite so much change and uncertainty, the results that were achieved reflect the care, support, dedication, teamwork of our whole community,” Mrs Harper said. “I have shared that although we have been apart, we have come together, and these results are testimony to the hard work of our students and staff. There are many compelling stories of success from a Dux who achieved a well-deserved 99.65 to 23 per cent of our students scoring above 90.   

“This represents a great result for all of our students and also for our wonderful teachers who work tirelessly with our students across all year levels. A Gippsland Grammar education is so much more than an ATAR and, for me, the true reflection of success is clearly demonstrated within the character of all of our students.”

Mrs Harper made note of the 13 students who secured apprenticeships and traineeships this year through the School’s VCAL program. “Our VCAL program allows our students to develop direction for their chosen vocation and we are incredibly proud that the VCAL program helped so many of our students find their way into their chosen profession this year,” Mrs Harper said.

While the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s (VCAA) Consideration of Educational Disadvantage was available to Unit 3/4 students in 2020, all students were supported by Gippsland Grammar’s Learn@Home program which was implemented during the COVID-19 remote learning periods.

Teachers were able to work with students online every day and manage key assessment tasks to prepare the students for their external exams. We are especially pleased that despite these challenges, many students received early offers of university placements throughout Australia.

Gippsland Grammar’s 2020 Year 12 cohort included students from across Gippsland, the Latrobe Valley and far East Gippsland. The cohort also included 6 students from China.

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