Principal David Baker farewells Gippsland Grammar

Mar 26, 2020 | Community News

DURING the past seven years I have come to know what it means to belong to a community, in a manner that I have not known before.

In 2013, my family and I moved into the unknown: a new school, a new area and a regional experience that was completely unfamiliar. To say that we were anxious would be an understatement. What we discovered was a wonderful, supportive, committed and positive community which was both welcoming and hospitable. Both of my daughters quickly found their place in the School and both will graduate from Gippsland Grammar as proud and connected Old Scholars. My wife Jane was also quickly embraced by the Gippsland Grammar and the broader community and found her place within various sporting organisations and also as a teacher at the School. I felt immediately accepted by the School Community, my colleagues and, similarly, I have been fortunate enough to engage with many people outside of the School and have enjoyed many positive relationships with some great people across Gippsland.
Coming to Gippsland Grammar has opened our eyes to the wonderful benefits that come from living and working in regional Australia such as being able to walk down the street and know that you will chat with many and to know that you will be working and living with down-to-earth country people, who are sensible, supportive and friendly. While I have many great memories of my time in Gippsland and have made many great friends, to belong and feel connected has been the greatest joy we have experienced.

As I leave, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all members of our Community for their support, their tolerance when things don’t go well, their humour, their respect and, ultimately, their acceptance. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch our School grow during the past seven years, both in numbers but also in size and stature. It is a very proud school that punches above its weight in many areas and arenas. I have gained great joy and pride from watching our students perform, compete, debate, play and row, which they always do so with a sense of pride and also sportsmanship. They consider their opponents and usually act in a hospitable and respectful manner. To stand in the yard and have students come up and chat, tell me about their weekends, their successes, their triumphs, their struggles and their challenges has been a highlight of my time at the School and a testament to the culture of our School and families our students come from. Ultimately the Gippsland Grammar community produces people of good character who go out into the world and take their place as leaders in society.

I wish the School and its Community well for the future and I know it will continue to shine as a School of opportunity and excellence and continue to serve the greater Gippsland region under the guidance of new Principal Leisa Harper.

Veritas Liberabit Vos

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