David Baker resigns as Principal of Gippsland Grammar

Oct 21, 2019 | Community News

After a successful six years as Principal at Gippsland Grammar, Mr David Baker announced his resignation to the School Community this morning.

Mr Baker joined Gippsland Grammar in 2013 and his inspirational leadership and commitment to the future direction of Gippsland Grammar will be remembered as a hallmark of his time as Principal.

Gippsland Grammar Board Chair Vicki McLeod praised Mr Baker for the significant contribution he has made to the School during his tenure.

“I sincerely appreciate the energy, professionalism and dedication with which he has pursued his vision for the School,” Mrs McLeod said.

“Mr Baker has made a lasting impression at Gippsland Grammar and will be greatly missed by our Community. I must also acknowledge his wife Jane, who has been a wonderful support to David and a valued member of staff over the past seven years. Their daughters Caitlin and Amy have both been educated at Gippsland Grammar and I am thrilled that Amy will complete her Year 12 in 2020 in a boarding capacity.

Principal David Baker has made a lasting impression over his six years at Gippsland Grammar.

During his time at Gippsland Grammar, Mr Baker has celebrated many achievements, including;

  • the establishment of our educational model of Academic Care where our core values of Compassion, Leadership, Excellence, Respect and Responsibility are imbedded into our teaching and learning and enable our students to develop a growth mindset;
  • the introduction of Visible Learning and SOLO, with the support of Melbourne University.
  • the establishment of our Staff and Student Leadership Programs;
  • the construction of the Laurie Payne Sports Centre and Kukun Kalak (our 3/4 centre at St Anne’s) as well as a commitment to the ongoing refurbishment of our facilities at all three campuses; and
  • a significant increase in our student enrolments due to his dedication to making Gippsland Grammar’s profile in the community stronger.

Mr Baker will continue as Gippsland Grammar Principal until the end of Term 1, 2020, which will give the Board sufficient opportunity to seek his replacement.

“The appointment of the Principal is one of the most important responsibilities of a School Board and as such we have already begun the recruitment process,” Mrs McLeod said. “The Board is committed to making the very best decision for Gippsland Grammar moving forward and I am confident we will attract applicants of the highest calibre.”


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