Bairnsdale newsletter: June 7, 2019

Jun 7, 2019 | Bairnsdale News

As one of our focuses in learning is to promote the student voice, for this week’s newsletter I have sourced my content from the students. I encouraged deeper thinking on their reflections of two significant events: the Division Winter Sports and today’s Grandparents Fellowship.

Much preparation goes into these events and it is important for our students to understand and value the experience. 

On Wednesday we had two soccer teams and a netball team compete at the Winter Sports. On arrival I could feel a terrific sense of sportsmanship across all fields, with parents, teachers, and students from around the district all enjoying the opportunity to represent and support their school. 

Seeking our students’ thoughts: 

Zara commented on the enthusiasm and how they all encouraged each other. She commended Victoria, Ashley and Saxon for their accurate goal shooting. 

Chidi enjoyed what he described to be a lively game of soccer with everyone contributing and determined to win. 

Saxon was complimentary of the teamwork displayed and how approaching it in this manner heightened the positive atmosphere. He was pretty happy with his goal shooting, I might add. 

Kael described the day as a really good effort from everyone- everyone tried and our skills were good. “I won a soccer ball too, an added bonus”, Kael said. 

Mrs Froud confirmed these responses, also noting the improved skills and commitment of our students in working together and supporting each other. 

And this morning we hosted our Grandparents Fellowship while also promoting ‘The Biggest Morning Tea’ for cancer research. Kurrajong proudly spoke of the many reasons as to why they love their grandparents and sang a lively rendition of the song, ‘When I’m 64’. We thank Ms Hunter and the boys and girls for their preparation and presentation of a lovely fellowship.

The excited responses from both students and grandparents were: 

Annerlee said “It is a great way to connect by playing games together and challenging each other. 

Damon, Jacob and Ella Veldhuizen were celebrating being together and their grandma’s spoke of the pride they have in their grandchildren’s work and in their attitudes.  “We just love being with them”. 

Tess said of her grandparents “We love drawing together and now we are doing it together at school as well”.  Tess’s Grandpa is most grateful that they are able to be here.  “Just being with them sums it up”.


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