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May 24, 2019 | Bairnsdale News

I am writing this week’s newsletter in the beautiful surrounds of Hepburn Springs where I am attending the IPSHA Tri State Conference along with many other Heads of Campus. Apart from the excellent key presenters, the opportunity to network with others in similar roles has been a valuable experience. In my absence I am thankful to Mrs Fiona Carr for taking on my responsibilities as well as all staff who filled in where necessary. 

Three students to acknowledge in our campus community for their sporting successes are Kael Frith, Josh Newstead and Xander Borisenko. Kael has made it through to the third of four selection trials for the School Sports Victoria AFL team. We wish him luck for this weekend’s trial. Josh has qualified for the School Sports Victoria Swimming Team in 50 and 100m breaststroke, plus 2 relays, and will compete in July/August at the Nationals to be held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. And Xander represented the School in the Division Golf on Monday. We certainly have many talents within our community and as always we wish them well. 

Our buddy system is well received by both students and parents alike and today our students from Grevillea and the ELC travelled together to Raymond Island to further foster their friendship. It is terrific to see our Year 5 students demonstrating the CLERR values of compassion, leadership and responsibility as they assist in transition process. 

Though I wasn’t there this morning, I’m told our students in Blackwood, led by Mr Cook, presented a most meaningful Fellowship on Reconciliation today. The class gave an instrumental multimedia presentation and a novel representation of the timeline of the Aboriginal people, using sheets of paper to illustrate the enormity of time that they have been on this land. 

During the week, Murnong or Yam Daisies were planted in our vegetable garden. Blackwood ran an information session with most classes and then planted them on Thursday. Yam Daisies add diversity to our garden, unique flavours found nowhere else in the world and some nice symbolism of us growing together. Below is some extra information about Yam Daisies.  

Murnong can be distinguished from other similar looking native and non-native “dandelions” by their drooping flower stem, which stands upright when flowering and setting seed, allowing for pollination and seed dispersal.

Once widespread and a stable food source for the local people, populations have now been decimated and its distribution has been reduced due to land clearing, swamp draining, habitat alteration, sheep, cattle and goat grazing and untimely fire regimes. 

It is a highly nutritious form of carbohydrate known as fructans (not starch), and was traditionally cooked and eaten as a regular part of the diet and often used for special occasions such as ceremonial gatherings and feasts. This species was most likely ‘farmed’ for these purposes, using ecologically friendly agricultural practices which had minimal impact on the natural environment.

Seeds can be collected and sown fresh or stored dry for a few years. 

As we lead into National Reconciliation Week, we are encouraged to further explore this year’s theme, ‘Grounded in truth, walk together with courage.’ 

Also, our finance department has asked me to pass on to you that State Government is providing assistance through the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund to all primary and secondary students attending schools in the Wellington and East Gippsland Local Government Areas which are currently drought affected. To access this funding, families must complete an application form (via the link below) and return it to the school. Gippsland Grammar will then make bulk submissions to the government, which will enable a payment of $375 per student to be made to Gippsland Grammar. This amount will then be credited to each student’s debtor account. 

All Gippsland Grammar students from Foundation to Year 12 are eligible for this payment even if they do not reside in either Wellington or East Gippsland shires. So far we have received applications on behalf of 570 of our students but the school cannot include a student in a submission to the government unless an application has been received. So we encourage all parents and guardians to download the form as soon as possible as the program finishes at the end of Term 2. 

The application form can be found at


The beautiful autumn weather is continuing, enjoy it while it lasts. 

Kind regards
Virginia Evans

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