Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: Oct 18, 2019

Oct 18, 2019 | Bairnsdale News

This week also saw another trip down the line for our athletes, who competed at the Gippsland Regional Athletics at Newborough on Tuesday, which resulted in Kael Frith and Aiden Rodriguez progressing to State level. Once again all our athletes competed their best at the event, and I’d also like to acknowledge Ashleigh Corpe who finished third in the high jump.

And last Saturday 10 of our students provided lovely entertainment at the Clifton Waters Village Fair. Our group of enthusiastic musicians playing the piano and flute were well received and it was also the perfect opportunity for them to develop confidence in performing in front of an unknown audience. Despite some background chatter, I’m pleased to report that all of our students played with both focus and confidence. I appreciate our parents’ support of this event and for participating so readily. I’d also like to thank Mrs Lynette Biggs for her support on the morning.

Our students provided entertainment at the Clifton Waters Village Fair.

It was also a busy week for our Year 6 classes from both junior campuses which came together for an adventurous outdoor camp at Gelantipy. Abseiling, horse riding, white water rafting kept the students busy throughout the day while trivia, music and night walks were the entertainment for the evenings. I’m sure good connections were made between the students from both campuses, which will allow for a smooth transition to Garnsey for all next year.  

and Jack. A big thank you to Mrs Michelle Thompson for baking some treats for us to eat.

The Year 6 camp at Gelantipy offered plenty of opportunities for the students from both junior campuses to make strong connections.

Finally, Correa ran our Fellowship today, in which the students presenting a skit about discovering the Buchan Caves inspired by their recent Geography excursion to the caves. They identified specific features they could see, such as stalactites, stalagmites and fossils in the rocks and their performance was a version of Chopsticks that uses high notes (stalactites) and low notes (stalagmites). Thank you Correa and Ms Cheadle for your commitment to preparing Fellowship.

Another week completed, another weekend ahead, enjoy,

Kind regards,
Virginia Evans
Head of Bairnsdale Campus





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