Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: Nov 15, 2019

Nov 15, 2019 | Bairnsdale News

Grevillea set the mood for our week with a well-researched and respectfully presented Remembrance Fellowship. A highlight was an outstanding performance of The Last Post followed by The Rouse from Paul Ng in Grevillea, as well as the involvement of Colonel Tara Bucknall who spoke of the significance of the symbols of Remembrance Day. Tara is Mrs Carr’s sister and kindly travelled from Canberra to be with us on this special occasion. Grevillea was fortunate to have further question time with Tara about her role and her responsibilities as Colonel.

The final Soirée for the year was on Monday evening with our musicians sharing their learning, their commitment to the instrument of choice through both individual and group performances. Mr Glover recognised our Year 6 class which performed in their final Bairnsdale campus soirée and wished them continued years of enjoyment through music. I acknowledge our instrumental teachers and the expertise required in teaching our students and personally thank them for their efforts. Once again I urge parents to consider your child’s participation in the instrumental program if they are demonstrating an interest.

Colonel Tara Bucknall with Grevillea students at Monday’s Remembrance Fellowship (left) and the final Soiree for the year featured many lovely performances (right).

Tuesday night saw a group of our Year 6 students be rewarded for their completion of the Junior Rotary awards and their contribution to our community through this excellent program. I received excellent feedback as to how they presented so confidently on the night and their musical performance on the African drums accompanied by Mr Todd Cook on the guitar was very well received.

Through our Physical Education program, Blackwood and Grevillea have learnt the skills and strategies of both croquet and lawn bowls. We are grateful to the volunteers who kindly guided our students for the last five weeks. Lagan Joshi said, “it was a great experience learning something new and meeting others in our community”. Further information will be shared as to how our students can participate in these sports at a junior level.

Blackwood and Grevillea have learnt how to play croquet this term (left) and the Year 6 students who completed their Junior Rotary program on Tuesday (right).

Ms Sharon Smith and Mrs Annette Dilks, along with Mrs Liz Hadden, Ms Jan Vercoe and Mrs Michelle McGrath shared valuable information at our ELC parents evening for our 2020 families. Listening to them was a reminder of the wonderful work they do preparing our children for their future learning. We welcome all of our new families to our community.

Monday is a student-free day as our teachers continue report writing and Friday is a student free day as the Bairnsdale teachers travel to St Anne’s to collaborate and share expertise. I will look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend,
Virginia Evans
Head of Bairnsdale Campus

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