Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: Nov 1, 2019

Nov 1, 2019 | Bairnsdale News

Parent engagement is supported and promoted in a number of significant ways at Gippsland Grammar. A key tool for this has been the implementation of our learning management system, ‘VOS’, which is both interactive and informative with regards to student learning and parent engagement. For example, while our school camps are designed to build resilience and independence in our students while they are away from home, however, the photos and updates on VOS class pages enable our parents to further understand the wonderful experiences our camps provide in real time. I encourage all families to take the time and scroll through the various class pages to see what innovative and interesting learning tasks our students are taking part in. 

It’s been a big week at Gippsland Grammar with regards to our new School uniform. Not only has Dobsons been busy stocktaking and renovating our Uniform Shop ready for its re-opening next week but we have also shared the first sneak peek of our new uniform on our Facebook page and now in this newsletter.
These exciting changes and uniform choices will launch across all three of our campuses from 2020 and have been made following an extensive consultation and design process, which included a survey of parents, students and staff as well as parent focus group meetings at all campuses. The new uniform items have been designed to support both learning and play and are contemporary, comfortable and non-gender specific while still retaining our School traditions. Importantly, the same uniform will be worn from Foundation to Year 12 and key items such as the School blazer have not changed.


The new uniform can be worn from Term 1, 2020.

The most significant update is a new summer shirt for both boys and girls and the introduction of the option of summer shorts and winter pants for female students. Grey socks will be worn with both shorts and pants for all students. Of significance is that the new summer shirts will mean a tie is no longer required with the summer uniform across the whole School from Foundation to Year 12. The summer shirts, with the School crest embroidered on the pockets, have also been designed to be worn untucked. Ties will still be worn as part of the winter uniform with the current white long or short sleeved shirt.
The summer dress remains a uniform option and will retain its current fabric print but will feature a more modern design with a pleat in the upper back and in the skirt as well as a buttoned tab that can be altered in the back. It is a much more stylish design and should be more comfortable to wear. There has been no change to the tartan skirt which remains a winter uniform option.
Students are welcome to wear the new uniform items from Term 1, 2020 and there will be a one-year rollover period before the new summer shirts are compulsory from the commencement of 2021. A longer three-year rollover period for the new dress style will be permitted. This means current students from Year 11 will not be required to wear the new uniform if they do not wish to.
To help our families understand these changes we are currently working on a new uniform brochure, which outlines how the uniform is to be worn from 2020; this will include some new guidelines and clarity regarding hair styles for boys.
Unfortunately these new uniform items are not yet in stock but we will notify parents via this newsletter and VOS as soon as they are available, hopefully later this term. All items will then be available in our Uniform Shop as well as via Dobsons online store.
The School uniform identifies members of our School. It assists in creating an atmosphere of unity, pride and equity. It creates a sense of identity for students at Gippsland Grammar, promoting mutual respect and a sense of belonging. We are pleased that our updated uniform items retain the School’s traditional colours and design in a more contemporary style and we hope our Community will be as pleased with these changes as we are.

Our Year 4 students are currently at Camp Rumbug enjoying a new environment with their friends and peers from St. Anne’s. From all accounts our students are thoroughly embracing the many activities offered.

Students at Camp Rumbug

Next Wednesday’s Twilight School will be another terrific opportunity for families to have a further insight into your child’s learning. You will have received an email home inviting you to share in your child’s education by not only observing but joining in where appropriate. Our intention is for you to learn more about our language of learning, how we encourage student voice, what it is we are learning and importantly, how you child interacts and responds to learning. The students are excited to think their parents will be joining their class and look forward to sharing their thoughts with you.

After many interviews and much discussion, I would like to announce our new staff for next year.  Mrs Amanda Jenman will join us as a classroom teacher, Mrs Tracey Grubb as Pathways teacher, Mrs Michelle McGrath will join the Learning Assistants team and Mrs Belinda Street, a qualified Learning Assistant, will have combined duties of Administration, ELC cover and After School Care assistant. Our Gappy for 2020 will be Ms Lara Benton who will have many areas of responsibilities including working with our Foundation students in Term 1. We look forward to welcoming these new staff members to our campus community.
I would also like to share my congratulations to Mrs Fiona Carr who will continue her leadership position as Deputy Head of Campus and to Mrs Joy Hay-Smith who will be leading our campus as Instructional Coach in regard to our Professional Learning Program.
Ms Terese Hunter will begin 2020 on her well-deserved long service leave and from there will reflect and decide on her next career move, which undoubtedly will involve working with or for the children of East Gippsland or beyond. Mrs Sandie Alexander, who is one of the longest serving staff members of the Bairnsdale Campus, will retire at the end of this year. Terese and Sandie will be further recognised for their contributions to Gippsland Grammar as our year comes to an end.

We have First Aid training scheduled for the students on Monday and then a day of leisure for Melbourne Cup day on Tuesday. I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday evening for Twilight School.

Monday 4 November

  • First Aid in Schools student sessions for Foundation to Year 6.

Tuesday 5 November

  • Melbourne Cup Day Holiday

Wednesday 6 November

  • GRIN
  • Twilight School 3.30-5.30pm followed by a family BBQ
  • Tuckshop

Thursday 7 November

  • House Public Speaking 9am
  • Year 5 and 6 Croquet and Lawn Bowls

Friday 8 November

  • Fellowship led by the SRC
  • ELC Keeping Place Excursion
  • Tuckshop

Kind regards,
Virginia Evans
Head of Bairnsdale Campus

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