Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020 | Bairnsdale News

We have now completed our fourth week of Learn@Home and it is understandable that we may feel tired, sometimes frustrated or have concerns for our students, your children. However, now is also an opportunity to acknowledge the positive outcomes in this process and what our students are achieving as they navigate learning online.

In a mere eighteen days our students have developed as independent learners and as their teachers, we are very proud of them. Observing five of our Foundation students navigating their way through VOS and troubleshooting technical issues together, to Year 3 students uploading and submitting work for marking; I can only applaud them.

Year 4 student Taylor Dennett doing a Learn@Home cello lesson via Zoom with Mrs Rosemary Iverson.


In thinking about independence, I refer to our CLERR value ‘responsibility’ and the continued quest for students to be empowered in their own learning. During Learn@Home our students are required to be motivated, independent and responsible for their learning. To encourage responsible learning, each day, set a challenge for your child to go to that next level of independence. It could be as simple as each morning setting up the laptop and headphones or to complete a learning task independently following the instructions.

Today’s awards reflected independence and responsibility, recognising that though Learn@Home can be challenging, we can find many positives in this experience. Students who received these awards are:

  • Lacey (Year 4) for always being organised, punctual and showing independence while learning at home.
  • Layla (Year 3) for showing more and more responsibility while learning at home.
  • Henry (Year 5) for excellence in his work and his attitude to his learning at home.
  • Charlotte (Year 5) for having a fantastic attitude and excellence to all of her learning.
  • Emily (Year 6) for being an independent and responsible learner.

Thank you for the many supportive conversations I have had with parents this week, for your honest feedback and for your willingness to work together. We will patiently await the forthcoming decisions that will inform our return to school and in the meantime continue to embrace the positives.

If you haven’t played ‘banana grams’ I recommend it us a fun family game for the weekend.

Kind regards,

Virginia Evans
Head of Bairnsdale Campus

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