Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: March 6, 2020

Mar 6, 2020 | Bairnsdale News

It has been an exciting week for the Twilight Fair organising committee as the RAAF confirmed the attendance of the famous Roulettes for a flying display. What a coup! Of course, our School has had a long association with the RAAF Base East Sale for many years and we are thrilled they are available to support this event.
In other exciting news, the wristband passes are now available to pre-purchase via Trybooking: and at the Garnsey Campus and Bairnsdale Campus receptions. The wristbands are $25 pre-sale or $30 on the day and include unlimited carnival rides, unlimited jumping castle, access to the animal nursery, a sausage in bread and a Prima fruit drink. With the addition this year of the flying chairs carnival ride, the jumping castle and the animal nursery means the wristband pass is suitable for children of all ages and we encourage all families to support the pre-sale of the wristbands as they are a key part of our fundraising. Families who pre-purchase via Trybooking, please print out your ticket to redeem a wristband on the day.
Of course, the Twilight Fair is always an amazing community fundraiser for our School, which was evident this week when we took delivery of the custom built barbecue trailer, which was purchased with some of the funds raised from our previous Staggfair. Our Principal Mr Baker will use the new bbq on the staff barbecue stall where he will be making his famous ‘Baker Burger’. Sneaking a peek of Mr Baker’s tightly-held recipe, I think these burgers look incredible.
However, I think we might give the Baker Burgers a run for their money with our homemade cordial, which was made this week in our tuckshop kitchen. Fabulous to see an enthusiastic group of parents cut, squeeze and mix the homemade lemon cordial with some help from the Bairnsdale Advertiser’s Kenny the Koala! While the Fair is primarily about the students and fundraising, it is also about creating a stronger community and making connections among our parent body, which this activity definitely did. Thank you to the families who contributed ingredients and especially Adele McInnes, Kim Maxwell, Virginia Knight, Megan Dennett, Tracie Britten, Liz Heath and Trudy van Dam who helped in the kitchen. The photos tell the story that there was fun to be had!
There will be other opportunities for families to get involved in our Twilight Fair preparation and we are still seeking donations of 1.25-litre bottles of soda water, bars of chocolate and standard sized soft drink cans. Most importantly, please mark the date in your diaries and come along to the Twilight Fair on Saturday, March 21 from 4-9pm.

Blackwood commenced their Raymond Island Biological Study on Tuesday continuing on the work of the previous Year 6 class. They once again managed to enjoy the island on a beautiful autumn day. Sorrel and Adam shared their thoughts:

On April 3 the Year 6 class went to Raymond Island in the Gippsland Lakes. When we got off the ferry, we walked along the boardwalk on the edge of the island with the kids leading the way and Mr Cook trailing at the back. As we got to The Abbey we were greeted by Reverend Edie Ashley. After that we walked over to the rooms and had a chat with Edie about the dying forestation. As soon as we had finished, we headed straight down to the beach where we had a look at the native vegetation and the weeds that effect the area. Then we got to work digging, measuring and sampling the sand, plants, and bugs, birds and animals when we got back, we finished our lunch and headed straight back down to the beach where we measured the ph (acid) levels in the dirt around where we were working (1 is the highest and 10+ is the lowest.) Our group measured 6+ and 5 metres forward it measured 10+. Eventually we packed up our instruments and headed back to the rooms where we discussed our results and headed back to the ferry using different routes. On the way back we walked down Fourth Avenue and First Parade then jumped on the ferry and headed home. When we got back to Paynesville we played charades then jumped on the bus to go back to school. 

As a staff we demonstrate commitment to our student community in many ways, one of which is Gippsland Grammar’s Professional Learning Program which inspires our teachers to continue their learning. This year at the Bairnsdale Campus, teachers have the option of engaging in either Professional Learning Projects that encourage collaboration with colleagues, or Instructional Coaching which involves working closely with Mrs Joy Hay-Smith. Both approaches include identifying goals to improve practice and to further engage our students in the learning process.

A further commitment to the wellbeing of our students was our decision as a staff to ensure that all technology use is purposeful, supporting our thinking around technology that, ‘we are creators not consumers’. One outcome of this decision is electronic devices will not be available to students during indoor play for wet weather. Instead we have further resourced board games and interactive activities to promote social interaction and healthy conversations. I am so pleased to hear the laughter, the noise and at times the negotiation about whose turn it is, as this builds resilience, connectedness and a sense of belonging amongst our students.

We are making a change to how we administer medication to our students. Previously, with parental consent, we would give students over the counter pain medication such as Panadol. After seeking advice from the Victorian Education Department we have had to make a change this year. The Education Department states:

‘Schools should not store or administer analgesics such as aspirin and paracetamol as a standard first aid strategy as they can mask signs and symptoms of serious illness or injury.’

Therefore, we will not be administering analgesics (paracetamol, etc). Instead we will contact parents to come and collect and take home, or administer the medication to their child. We do understand that this will be challenging for some families. However, the safety of our students is our priority.

Wishing you all a lovely long weekend,
Virginia Evans
Head of Bairnsdale Campus

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