Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: March 13, 2020

Mar 13, 2020 | Bairnsdale News

As you have by no doubt seen, it was with a heavy heart that earlier today we made the tough decision to postpone our Twilight Fair until October 9 this year due to the current global COVID-19 outbreak.

I know this will be disappointing for many of you, as it is for us. However this isn’t a decision we have made lightly and it’s certainly not a decision we have enjoyed making. But in light of global events I am certain it is the right one. We are currently living in unprecedented times and though the Twilight Fair was scheduled for only a week away, in the current climate a week feels like a long time. Making this decision proactively eight days before the event allows us a small buffer in which we can minimise the financial and emotional impact before curries are cooked, before haloumi is made and before dumplings are rolled.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our Deputy Principal Jan Henry who has spent months working tirelessly along with her Twilight Fair committee to bring this event to fruition. Of course, I realise this will also be a blow to the families who have been preparing food and goods for the event, the ELC students who have been growing green produce to sell, the Bairnsdale community who rallied to make lemon cordial to serve on the day and the many local businesses who have supported us with some significant investments, among others.

But by postponing the event to the first week of Term 4, we hope we will be living in more certain times and it means daylight savings will have rolled around again so we see this as an opportunity to welcome in the balmy evenings while also allowing our Year 12 students to celebrate with us as planned before they launch into exams.

Of course, today’s decision raises many questions and I ask that you bear with us while we work hard to answer and resolve these as quickly and efficiently as possible. One thing I can reassure you today is that anyone who pre-purchased a wristband for access to the carnival rides will receive a full refund. I’ll be in touch with you via email next week with more specific details about how this will occur.

But, for now, our School is open, our teachers are teaching and our students are learning. We continue to monitor the situation and I can assure you that the wellbeing of our staff, students and wider community is our highest priority. I appreciate your support and understanding during this time.

The four day week has been busy in many respects. Thank you to our parents who have attended Parent Teacher Interviews; they are both important and valuable meetings in our students’ education. If you have been unable to attend this week, please make arrangements with your child’s classroom teacher to organise a meeting.


Many of our Year 6 students attended the ‘Come and Try’ night at Garnsey campus on Tuesday evening. This is a terrific opportunity for our students to experience the next step in their education. Isla Dullard and Chidi Otuonye thoroughly enjoyed the evening commenting on the various activities presented.

I think Year 7 Come and Try night is a really good way for all the Year 6’s to see what Garnsey campus has to offer. We were lucky enough to try out four subjects we would be doing next year including: Sciences, Physical Education, Digital Tech, Music and there’s much more but those were the ones we did. My favourite subject was science because we got to make a hydrogen explosion.
– Chidi Otuonye

I, with everyone else, enjoyed the night a lot! As Chidi said there is a lot to offer and explore. Although the school is big, someone will always be there to help find your away around. My favourite subject we did that night was sciences, the hydrogen explosion was so cool! But I also enjoyed when our prefect showed us the room next door, were there where specimen preservation jars (AKA animals persevered in jars).

– Isla Dullard



Author Leigh Hobbs is currently exhibiting a selections of his illustrations at the East Gippsland Art Gallery, promoting his stories and well-loved characters including Mr Chicken, Old Tom and Horrible Harriet.  Melaleuca and Kurrajong participated in a workshop this week at the Gallery specific to this exhibition. Liam Richards and Owen Roach were full of praise having loved the workshop and noted how clever Leigh Hobbs is to be an author as well as an artist.

On Wednesday Year 3 and 4 went to the Art Gallery to see Leigh Hobbs’ artwork and to do workshop. I liked it because we got to make our own unique Mr Chicken and make our very own character. I also liked the scavenger hunt where we looked for different artworks. I think we all agree that Leigh Hobbs is an artist too.

– Liam Richards


On Thursday, we went to the art gallery to see Leigh Hobbs’ artwork. While we were there we got to do a scavenger hunt to find some of his artworks, then we learned to draw a Mr Chicken. Lastly, we were able to make our own character to create our own storybook.

– Owen Roach

We had thirteen students from our campus join with St. Anne’s to represent Gippsland Grammar at the Regional swimming in Warragul. We are proud of our students who commit to training and then travel long distances to represent us. They were successful in making it to Regionals and we further congratulate them on their achievements.

Individual events:

Josh Newstead – 1st place breaststroke and backstroke

Paul Ng – 2nd place freestyle and breaststroke

Kael Frith – 2nd place backstroke and butterfly


Relay events:

1st place 12 boys freestyle relay- Kael, Josh, Paul, Xander

1st place Open boys medley- Kael, Josh, Paul, Xander

3rd place 10 girls relay – Tess, Heidi, Taylor, Chelsea


Kael, Josh, Paul and Xander will progress to the State Swimming championships in Melbourne on April 23rd. Congratulations to all of our swimmers and thank you to Mrs Elisha Froud for her planning and organisation of this year’s swimming carnivals.

Our SRC initiated our theme for the year at their first Fellowship today.  Whilst Wellbeing will continue to weave its way through our everyday actions, it will be well supported by our ‘Acts of Kindness’ focus. Awareness of others within our community and outside our community and acting on this will be promoted across the campus at the various levels. The message was that; rather than fundraise, we actually give of ourselves through acts of kindness where both parties receive, one being generous and the other grateful.


  • Dobson’s uniform shop will have a pop up shop here at the campus on Tuesday 17 March 1-4pm for families
  • If your child will be away at an event, holidaying or absent for another reason on a day when they would usually have an instrumental lesson, parents are asked to please contact their instrumental teacher to advise as early as possible.
  • Our After School Care program is very busy and we ask that you either confirm your bookings please or let us know if children who have a permanent booking are not coming. We are holding places for students who are at times not attending and at the same time turning others away. This also ensures that we have a confirmed attendance roll.
  • Remember the Twilight Fair next Saturday 21 March

With thanks to our supportive community,

Virginia Evans,
Head of Bairnsdale Campus


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