Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: June 5, 2020

Jun 5, 2020 | Bairnsdale News

As we began the week we acknowledged National Reconciliation Week (NRW) and the theme for 2020: ‘In this Together’. This is a powerful message and we all have a role and responsibility to treat everyone fairly and justly. NRW reminds us that there has been hurt and sadness in our country’s history and it is important for us to restore this hurt with an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities. For all of us at the Bairnsdale campus we aim to be inclusive in both voice and action.

Our week has finished with various forms of celebration as we anticipate the return to school of our senior students. Kurrajong and Melaleuca wore clothes that make them feel happy, while Grevillea students enjoyed cooking a favourite treat. Mr Cook took the five students who have been participating in Learn@Home@School down to the river for a fish as their reward for their hard work. Unbelievably, in the short time they were there, they had great success. Adam caught a 44cm bream, followed by Xander with a 33cm bream, a first-time achievement for both.

Adam with his 44cm bream – not bad for a first catch!

During a Zoom meeting, I asked the staff to reflect on what they have taken away from Learn@Home, what they have learned about their students and what may impact their teaching back in the classroom? Some responses included: the increased self-confidence in many students, the improved ICT skills that can be further developed in the classroom, the forum was conducive to reflection, the individual connection with students and the open communication with parents that has fostered a strong partnership going forward. There were so many positive elements drawn from this experience, however, having everyone back together at school creates much excitement and is teaching at its best.

This morning at Fellowship we congratulated all our students who took up the challenge of our House Virtual Cross Country. We had 74 students enter results, which was fantastic! The photos were terrific with many families taking on the challenge together.

The results were:


Blundell Bogong

Cranswick Dargo

Tisdall Hotham

Wellington Binks

Cross Country
















The Gippsland Anglican is now an online publication and the most recent edition features a couple of great little Gippsland Grammar stories. Click this link to read more:

Enjoy a lovely long weekend. We will be waiting your arrival on Tuesday.

Kind regards,

Virginia Evans
Bairnsdale Head of Campus

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