Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: June 12, 2020

Jun 12, 2020 | Bairnsdale News

As a Community we have celebrated with enthusiasm being back together again! The playground has been a hive of activity with everyone grateful for friendship and our beautiful campus. We are all adhering to the safety requirements with an awareness of our individual responsibility for ourselves and others wellbeing. Along with our safety requirements comes some inconveniences, such as our end of the day pick up. Our staff are working together to minimise the impact on families while current restrictions dictate that we need to limit parents on the campus (please see below for further details). I applaud the manner in which our students have accepted the changes and how they have settled back into the routine of school with a positive attitude.

As a school we have much to be grateful for and today in our online Fellowship we were reminded to appreciate all the things we have: our families, our friends and our environment. Having an ‘attitude for gratitude’ was the message and while we have been challenged as a community with first the bushfires and now COVID-19, it is how we respond that is most important. Once again thank you for your supportive responses and being grateful for all the positives in our lives.

I enjoyed connecting with our 2021 Foundation parents on Tuesday evening in a relaxed Zoom forum. The intention was to inform parents of the changes in the enrolment and transition process as a result of COVID-19 and to further strengthen our partnership in the education of their children.

We welcomed Mrs Leisa Harper to our Campus this week for her second visit. Our students and staff have now all had the opportunity to meet and personally welcome her to Gippsland Grammar. Mrs Harper was delighted to meet the children and was most impressed with our happy campus and beautiful facilities. Mrs Harper plans to visit on a regular basis and is looking forward to meeting parents and others in our School Community.

For the remainder of this term and Term 3, students are to wear their winter uniform on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Sports uniform should be worn on Wednesdays and Thursdays. A growing number of girls have chosen to wear trousers this term. A reminder that grey school socks are to be worn with trousers by both girls and boys.

Student reports will be available next Friday, June 19. An email will be sent out on Monday to inform you of the change to the reporting process and how reports will be delivered.

Parents will not be permitted on campus unless arranged in advance and the appropriate screening is undertaken. For late student arrivals, please call from the carpark and office staff can sign students in. For early collection, please call when at school and wait in the car park for students to be brought out.

Starting next Monday, June 15 at the end of the day, students will wait at the front of the school from 3.15pm and will then be escorted to their car in the pick-up line. Please be patient and allow extra time in the afternoons. Parents are reminded that they are not permitted on campus and are asked to please wait in their car in the pick-up line. The only exception to this is for ELC families who are required to sign their children in and out to comply with regulations. They are to be picked up at 3.05pm and school siblings are asked to join them at 3.05pm near the ELC. This arrangement will continue into Term 3 until further notice.

Due to the restrictions and regulations around COVID-19. I am sorry to advise that all camps this year have unfortunately been cancelled. We are currently looking at other excursion opportunities later in the year and will keep you informed as plans are put in place.

Following a student absence due to any type of illness, parents will be asked to complete a Student Health Declaration form prior to their child returning to school. This form can be located on VOS in the COVID-19 resources tab.

A golf clinic will be held on the school holidays at the Bairnsdale Golf Club on Sunday July 12 from 10am to 12pm. Professionals will be on hand to teach the Juniors. More advanced children will have an opportunity to play some holes on course at the conclusion of the clinic. There is no cost for the clinic and a BBQ and drink will be provided at the conclusion of the session. To register your child’s interest, please contact Bryce Bell on 0488 443 778 or at or Dylan Higgins on 0419 939 810 or at


Kind regards,

Virginia Evans
Bairnsdale Head of Campus

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