Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: Jan 31, 2020

Jan 31, 2020 | Bairnsdale News

After a challenging Christmas break our Campus was buzzing with excitement this week as we all returned to begin the new School year. I was pleased to see so many happy smiling faces as we gathered together for our first assembly where we welcomed 19 Foundation students and 6 new students across the levels.

Our staff and teachers spent Tuesday and Wednesday this week preparing for the year ahead and, importantly, celebrated the strengths of our group. We shared our individual stories, established our goals for the year ahead and we introduced new staff: Mrs Amanda Jenman, Mrs Belinda Street, Mrs Angela Roughley and Ms Lara Benton. It is terrific that the music department now includes guitar with Mr Steve Castles and voice lessons with Ms Janelle Richardson. We welcome them into our Community and look forward to enjoying the results of their work.

While our first two days of school have been extremely warm, they have also been extremely successful with our students well settled. I’d like to thank our families for your positivity and confidence in us, it allows for a smooth transition for our students.

Next Friday we will formally celebrate the beginning of the School year with our Welcome and Leaders Induction Fellowship. That same evening we will enjoy a family picnic together. I warmly invite you to both occasions and look forward to building on our partnership.

Enjoy your weekend together,
Virginia Evans
Head of Bairnsdale Campus

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