Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: Feb 7, 2020

Feb 7, 2020 | Bairnsdale News

At this morning’s Fellowship (pictured), we formally celebrated the commencement of the school year and welcomed our new students and staff to our community. We acknowledged our leaders and the role they will play in their positions, which include Campus Captains, House Leaders, Bus Captain, SRC and Green Team. Our Campus Captains Sorrel Fraser and Joshua Newstead stated their intentions for the year emphasising that they will support all of our students to feel safe and included always.  All of our leaders are enthusiastic and committed to making 2020 a great year for everyone.

After Fellowship, our ‘Parents and Friends’ met to discuss and delegate roles for the very exciting and fast approaching Twilight Fair. The Twilight Fair has replaced the traditional STAGG Fair and is going to be bigger and better with ‘family and fun’ being the central theme. The Bairnsdale community has always been most active in this event and I encourage you to contribute where possible. Further information with requests for donations of goods and time will be sent out soon but in the meantime, please see Sarah Guinness if you are able to assist in anyway. Most importantly, put the date – Saturday March 21 from 4-9pm – into your calendar.

This evening I am looking forward to our Family Picnic, which is another wonderful opportunity for us to enjoy the Community we belong to. The weather looks as if it will be kind to us, I hope to see many families there.

Unfortunately our Foundation to Year 2 students will not be participating in our House Swimming Carnival this year due to the condition of the small pool. However, their teachers are planning a lovely morning at the All-Abilities Playground for them.

And a reminder that during such events as swimming carnivals we ask that you only take photos of your child for privacy reasons.

As the School year has just begun I remind all parents that supervision of students is from 8.30am in the morning. I understand that this can be difficult for working parents, so I ask that you contact me for an earlier arrival if necessary.

Enjoy time with your family this weekend,

Virginia Evans
Head of Bairnsdale Campus

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