Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: Feb 14, 2020

Feb 14, 2020 | Bairnsdale News

Last Friday’s family picnic was a terrific success and we all enjoyed each other’s company in a relaxed atmosphere with our students lively and our parents content to linger as the sun set. I was thrilled to have so many of us together celebrating the commencement of the new school year. A highlight for me was having a number of our last year’s Year 6’s return but, more so, the comments they made. Zara Rozite nearly knocked me over with excitement to be back and Aiden Rodriquez so beautifully said that our Campus ‘feels like home’. Those reactions are most precious knowing that we provided a safe and happy environment for our students and that they remain connected to our Campus.

This week has been relatively quiet which has enabled both teachers and students to establish routines and expectations within the classrooms and develop their CLERR values statements together. I am always impressed at the manner in which our students collaborate in producing these statements and the variation across the campus. These CLERR values of Compassion, Leadership, Excellence, Responsibility and Respect, determine the culture of the classroom thus impacting on learning together, living with contentment and leading by example.

While most of the week was quiet, today we participated in the House Swimming carnival. Due to damage in the small pool our junior students instead had fun at the All Abilities playground. The older students were all prepared well for the day by Mrs Froud’s usual efficient manner and the chanting was loud and loyal. At the point of writing this newsletter I am not confident in our staff chances in the relay as I look at the line-up of competent swimmers in year 6. Flippers required! I will share the results of the Carnival with you in this newsletter next week.

Today’s House Swimming Carnival was a great success.

Anticipation is building about our Twilight Fair, which will be held at our Garnsey Campus on Saturday March 21 from 4-9pm and will feature an afternoon and evening of country fair-style feasting and frivolity. The Twilight Fair is an amazing community event for our School and is also an amazing opportunity for your friends and family to support a major parent fundraiser, which will benefit students at each of our campuses. Preparations are well underway and it promises to be an evening of food, fun and entertainment which will culminate in our Twilight Fair fireworks display. There will be many food stalls, food trucks, carnival rides, entertainment, market stalls, face painting, an animal nursery, a silent disco and a few surprises. The Anytime Fitness Music Stage will feature a jam-packed featuring The Soultanas and a number of staff Gippsland Grammar superstars including CKH, Jarvis is Taken, Old Scholars Henry Davis and Madeleine Crombie and teacher duo Todd Cook and Geoff Stagg.
We are hoping that the reimagining of this much-loved event – which was first celebrated in 1974! – will ensure Gippsland Grammar’s 2020 event will appeal to not only our School Community but to also the broader Sale and Bairnsdale communities who may not previously have had an association with our School but who may be tempted to come along and join in the family-friendly fun.
To helps us spread the word, please ‘like’ the Twilight Fair event page on Facebook ( and if you respond as ‘going’ on the Facebook event page and also ‘invite’ all those in your own social media networks to come along too, it will helps us spread the word even more.

Last week all families received an email from our Principal, Mr David Baker, about the importance of embracing VOS as a way to stay connected with your child and with the School. Mr Baker’s email included a VOS user guide and I ask that all families familiarise themselves with these user guides and, if you are experiencing any issues logging on, our IT Department is more than happy to help you during business hours on 5143 6364. As well as becoming familiar with VOS, it is also important that you follow the steps in the user guide to turn on your notifications, which allows you to select that you receive a notification on your phone when your child’s teacher updates their Class Page, or when we post this newsletter on VOS each Friday afternoon.

Enjoy the weekend together,
Virginia Evans,
Head of Bairnsdale Campus

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