Bairnsdale Campus newsletter: April 24, 2020

Apr 24, 2020 | Bairnsdale News

As I reflect on the past week, I believe we are achieving great success in maintaining our connectedness goals during Term 2. Changing to Learn@Home has been challenging for us all but we have embraced it andZoom has provided the platform for us to continue to gather as a class, break into small groups and participate in one-on-one interactions. Whilewe would prefer to be together at School, I am impressed at the continued development of both teacher delivery and student capability. The scheduled afternoon time allocation for the teachers to check in on the students and their families to discuss any concerns, sharing successes and setting further goals has been very well received by all parties. More than ever before, it has also allowed our students to see their parents and their teachers working together for their benefit. Communication has been excellent across the campus as our teachers share their learnings and suggest ways to improve delivery of the curriculum with each other.

Foundation student Skylah Swan embracing Learn@Home.

Today we have attempted our first Zoom Fellowship, which is always the most significant event in our weekly calendar as it allows us to celebrate being together and for us to share our learnings as a campus. It was terrific to think we could still achieve this considering our current restrictions. Our awards demonstrated the way in which our community – particularly our students – have responded so positively to the change in their education.

Here are some moments from this morning’s Fellowship:

 “To all of the students in Correa for the way they have embraced Learn@Home with resilience, encouraged and supported each other when working, and approached this new learning with a growth mindset. Thank you for being so amazing!

To all of Acacia for demonstrating Resilience and Responsibility when zooming into their class each day for Learn@home and completing all set tasks to the best of their ability. Excellent work Acacia.

Well done to Banksia for their reflections about their learning recorded on the Banksia social stream.”

Liora Rozite for her resilience when encountering technical issues with Learn@Home.

Leo Kantzides for excellent focus during class on Zoom during Learn@Home.

Lenny Dullard – demonstrating flexibility during Learn@Home by always being on time and contributing to Zoom conversations.
Alex Magree – continuing to strive for excellence during Learn@Home by taking on learning challenges.

Zeb Linley – for excellence in his work and having a fantastic mindset.
Grace Smith – for showing resilience and excellence.

Charlotte Klingner for an outstanding project on South America.
Saxon Buckley – for being an independent responsible learner.

I congratulate and applaud all of our students!

To conclude our week we came together again this afternoon to acknowledge ANZAC Day, this time led by Chaplain Jackie. Chaplain Jackie spoke of the brave men and women who protected our country during the war, just as today all Australians are asked to protect the lives of their fellowman by standing united against the dangers of COVID 19.

Chidi Otuonye read, ‘The Ode’ with sincerity and Paul Ng’s playing of The LastPost was truly memorable. A field of red poppies on the many screens was a terrific display of solidarity. As we are unable to gather at the cenotaph please think about the significance of the day tomorrow and join others in their driveways to pay our respects to those in the past and present that allow us the privilege of being Australian.

Kind regards,

Virginia Evans
Head of Bairnsdale Campus

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